Use real flowers for Krsna

Krsna belongs to the village atmosphere of Vrndavana, and He is very fond of flo…wers. As far as possible try to increase the quantity of flowers.
Letter to Himavati & Hamsadutta, June 13, 1970

There is no question of using paper [or] plastic fruits and flowers for worshiping the deities. If no fresh fruits or flowers are available, then you can decorate with some fresh leaves. You have seen our temples; nowhere do we use such things…. We are not after decoration; we are after devotional service for pleasing Krishna’s senses. Decoration must be there, of course, to make the temple as opulent as possible for pleasing Krishna. Outside the temple, you can use the plastic ornaments. But not for worship. For daily worship there must be fresh fruit, flowers, and leaves.
Letter to Himavati Dec. 26, 1971


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