Patram pushpam phalam toyam

Krishna is very kind and merciful. If anyone offers Him even just a leaf, fruit or water, He will accept it. One may be so poor that he has nothing to offer Krishna, but Krishna says, “Don’t be hopeless. You can offer me a leaf.” This really means a leaf from the tulasi plant, which is so dear to Krishna. But if you don’t have a tulasi leaf, you can offer any leaf or even a bud from a tree.
If you don’t have that, then you can even just offer some grass — no harm. Or you can offer Krishna some water, which is available everywhere free of charge. And when you make the offering with love, Krishna will think, “Oh! I cannot repay this offering of love.” He is so merciful. If you give Him such a very little thing, He will think, “He has given Me so much."


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