Various pics from Sri vrindavan Dham

Lord Vamandeva. This is just outside the Pancha Pandava Mandir in Kamyavan. There’s a small enclosure on the front part of the property with a Shiva-linga and some ancient murtis all around. He’s so cute, you just want to cuddle him! Vamana Dwadasi ki jaya!

A couple of days ago we went to Ter Kadamba in Nandagram, Rupa Goswami’s Bhajan Kutir. There we found Sri Sri Krishna Balaram in Their beautiful jhula. Now the rainy season is here with black clouds, rain, and cool breezes, so Their Lordships like to sit in Their swing and bless us with Their merciful darshan

Vrndavana is under Vrndadevi’s grace. Sri Hari lives in this splendid place, which is served by demigods like Brahma and Siva. The wide area of Vrndavana has forests of tulasi and ashramas of saints. Vrndavana is as dear to Govinda as Laksmi to Visnu. With His cowherd boys and cows, Madhava sports in here with Balarama. O what a beautiful place is Vrndavana where there is Govardhan Hill and many holy places of Visnu!


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