Nice instruction from Srila Prabhupad.

Prabhupada: They have sacrificed so much for me. They are ready to lie down under the tree. But it is my duty to see they are, as far as possible, they’re comfortably situated. That is my duty. They can agree to live in any condition… Caitanya Mahaprabhu, He was ideal sannyasi, and He was living apart from any material attachment. But we have to do preaching work. We have to construct temple, comfortable temple. So who will pay for that?…And unless we have got temple like this, nobody would come. If I sit down here, “Bhaktivedanta Swami is sitting here,” nobody will come. (laughter)…
Caitanya Mahaprabhu, He is God. He can attract any man. But I am not God. I have to attract people by some opulence.
Guest (2): But Prabhupada, in the beginning, you attracted in the park everyone. When you went to America, you were chanting and attracting people just in the park.
Prabhupada: Now, at that time, only Brahmananda was attracted. (laughter) Not you. Not you.
Guest (2): Only because he was sincere soul.

Srila Prabhupad said that by properly reading and following his books/instructions we are actually serving him directly. This is the highest form of association because it automatically nourishes/cultivates love/service in separation which is exactly what Caitanya Mahaprabhu wanted us all to learn, practice and imbibe throughout our devotional lives. Prabhupads says in the C.c that the physical presence/association of the guru is sometimes appreciable and sometimes not, but that association with the guru`s vani or instructions is more important because it`s eternal, whereas his physical appearance is only a temporary manifestation. And besides, it`s easier to behave oneself when the teacher is present, but those really sincere students will be seen to behave or act appropriately even if the teacher has to leave the class room. This is the test in cultivating love in separation. Learn to be loyal to guru in his absence and Krsna will not hesitate to let us into His presence! This takes alot of self-integrity.


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