Just chant Hare Krsna

"Regarding the Radha-Syama chanting which you have heard it is not very good. In our temple, strictly Hare Krishna chanting should be given more importance. This is no harm in this mantra you have heard, but it is not very important. There are many such common songs composed by common devotees out of sentiment. But our principle is to stick to the authorities, and always remember that Hare Krishna is the prime authorized mantra….
Regarding this Syama-Mataji Dasi from Vrindaban, does she sing Hare Krishna Mantra or not? If she chants Hare Krishna it is all right, and if she does not chant the Hare Krishna Mantra, you should ask her why she does not do so. I am not familiar with her Spiritual Master, Gaurangidas, but if he has taught her to sing this Radha-Syama song, then he also is not authorized."

Srila Prabhupada letter to Malati, Jan. 28, 1969


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