Thoughts + read some where

We have been given one mouth and 2 ears, which means that Sri Krsna wants us to hear more and speak less.

The person who can make us really understand that we are one of the most precious creation of Sri Krsna and we are very much loved by Sri Krsna is our real well-wisher and does love us in reality.

See how Krsna has made everything work – the laborer one who lifts 100 kg wheat bag cant even afford to buy it and the dealer who can afford to buy many such bags cant even lift one.

Laziness will cheat us, we should be careful – we give laziness our ‘today’ but it takes away our ‘tomorrow’.

Sri Krsna is now afraid of giving blessings as now a days a human being by offering 2 flowers in return asks for a whole garden

We are the owners of the words which we have not spoken yet and slaves of the words which we have spoken


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