Next Ekadashi is Pandav Nirjal Ekadashi – Thursday, 5/31

My dear devotees

Hare Krsna
Dandvat pranam, Jai Srila Prabhupad.

I just wanted to give a heads up to all devotees that next Ekadashi is Pandav Nirjal Ekadashi. All devotees should try to fast Nirjal on this Ekadashi. It falls on Thursday May 31st.

During the course of year while fasting on various other Ekadashis, knowingly or unknowingly we do things which weakens the fast….there is possibility that some of the Ekadashi fasts we were not able to fast properly…also sometimes due to one reason or other somehow we forget to fast on Ekadashi or our fast is broken….to rectify for all this…this one Ekadashi – Pandav Nirjal Ekadashi has been blessed by Sri Krsna. So all offenses made during other Ekadashis, even if we have not observed any of the other Ekadashi, if we sincerely fast nirjal on Pandav Ekadashi, we get the benefit of fasting on all other Ekadashis. So in a way, this Pandav Ekadashi is the ‘mother of all Ekadashis’.

In order to observe Pandav Nirjal Ekadashi successfully, attached below is some tips that I have read/ heard from Guru/ Sadhu/ Shastra. Hope they are helpful –

(this can be applied to any Ekadashi)

  • Should be performed enthusiastically, so we should be convinced about the glories of this Ekadashi, conviction comes from faith in Sri Krsna’s words..and as we discussed yesterday, faith is very very very easy if we are simple at heart….’saralta’ and not duplicitous
    • Shastras says that simplicity is Vaishnavism…’saralta hi sadhuta’…as we discussed yesterday, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and all Sadhus are ‘patita-pavana’ and they are not ‘kapati-pavana’…kapata on Ekadashi will be a big road block
    • Let us please try to be very truthful, honest, well wishing of others on Ekadashi day…have a frame of mind that we are servant of the servant of each and every living entity…and each and every living entity is my master as they are all moving temples due to Sri Krsna residing in their heart.
  • Should ideally stop consumption of grains etc from sunset the previous day
  • Since Pandav Ekadashi is in summer (Sri Krsna should have planned this in Winter), so please plan your day in advance accordingly so that you dont feel exhausted on Ekadashi day due to fasting, especially due to fasting from water
  • Engage ourselves in some seva whole day
    • one should vow to chant extra rounds for this day…recommended 25 for all Ekadashis but especially on Pandav Nirjal Ekadashi
    • increased listening/ reading of Srimad Bhagavatam (Sri Krsna’s pastimes)
    • increased service to Thakurji at home or temple
    • sing bhajans in front of Thakurji
    • offer as many dandvat pranams as possible to Thakurji
    • serve Vaishnavas (some devotees try to serve Vaishnavs by helping them enhance their fast…in West sometimes it is hard to find such opportunity but if we are sincere, Sri Krsna will give intelligence and opportunity)
    • somehow engage all 10 senses and mind into service of Sri Krsna and His devotees
  • Associate more with devotees who are following nirjal fast that day
  • Break fast next day at appropriate time by performing achman from ‘charnamritam’ (water that is used to bath Thakurji at home OR if not available, drink water which is offered to Sri Krsna)
  • Invite Vaishnavs at home to honor prasadam after they have fasted on Ekadashi (gives an opportunity to serve the Vaishnavs)
  • Please note that on any Ekadashi, sleeping during day time is considered as breaking the fast…anyone who fasts should not sleep during the day time. Ideal is to not even sleep at night but that is not possible for us but atleast not sleep during day time. So please ensure that the day before, we are all rested properly so that we dont need that power nap during day time.
  • We should try to pay less attention to our body on Ekadashi day and pay more attention to ourselves – atma (soul) on Ekadashi day….on Ekadashi – the body starves and the soul should be properly fed.

Also one strategy is to go to sleep early on nirjal Ekadashi day instead of our regular bed time (maybe right after sunset)….just joking.

I sincerely pray at the Lotus Feet of SriSri Radha Sharadbihariji Sri Lalita Sakhi Sri Vishakha Sakhi that They lovingly accept each and every sincere attempt to perform this Ekadashi from all devotees and award everyone pure devotional service at Their Lotus Feet. Please remember – fasting on Ekadashi is devotional service, it is not a ‘karma kanda’ thing, not for gaining pious credits, not for health reasons, not for yogic practice, not for showing austerity or increasing is just for pleasure of SriSri Radha Sharadbihariji…thus it is devotional service.

Sri Pandav Nirjal Ekadashi ki Jai !!!!

If there is anything I can do to serve you in this matter or facilitate your fasting on Pandav Ekadashi (or any other Ekadashi or any other day)…pls engage me…I will be more than happy to serve you and thus purify myself.

your servant,
Padmanabh das


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