Srila Prabhupad Vrindavan Bhajan

vṛndāvana dhāme āmi bose’āchi ekā

e bhāvanā madhye madhye deya more dekhā

I am sitting alone in the holy land of Vrndavana. In this mood, many realizations have been coming about.

āche mora strī putra kanyā nāti saba

kintu artha nāi boli biphala vaibhava

I have my wife, sons, daughters, grandchildren, and everyone. Because I have no wealth, however, they consider me fruitless and without any opulence.

pakṛtira nagnarūpa dekhāle śrī kṛṣṇa

tava kṛpā bale āja hayechi vitṛṣṇa

Sri Krsna has shown me material existence in its naked form. Because of the strength of Your mercy, I’ve become disguisted by it.

"yasyāham anugṛhṇāmi hariṣye tad-dhanaḿ śanaiḥ"

kṛpāmoyer ei kṛpā bujhilām kai?

“To whom I show favor to, I will take away his wealth, gradually.” How will I understand the mercy of the merciful Lord?


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