Glories of Sri Banke Bihariji / Bhaktimati Mani


Bihariji ki sachi kahania

In Vrindavan all the roads lead to Bihariji’s temple. If one asks the way to His mandir the reply will be, go in any direction and you will be there. Just as al the rivers reach the ocean no matter where they come from, same way all the roads lead to His temple. He lives in the heart of Vrindavan just as He resides in the hearts of His devotees. The maharaja, Bihariji is the


thakur, the darling of Vrindavan. A glimpse of this beautiful charmer is enough to turn a person His devotee who will within seconds give away his heart to Him. His jet black image with big shining eyes which resemble the petals of a lotus and His smiling face with a bashful glance have taken away millions of peoples hearts. His shringaar is so unique and beautiful that millions of cupids like Kamdevji will also fade away in seconds. The mor mukt , the besar on His nose, the kundal on His ears, the yellow robes that He wears are so so beautiful that one will curse brahmaji for making the eyebrows which blink. In front of this bliss of devotional bhakti of Bihari ji all other pleasures of the whole universe are nothing.


In order to get true devotion for Bihariji one must follow the footsteps of swami Sri Haridasji who had renounced all materialistic happiness and comforts of the world and was totally engrossed in the most purist bhakti path of sakhi sampradya that is nitya vihar. Swamiji was all the time in a state of smadhi. He never went out from Vrindavan and spent his whole life in the seva of Bihariji. He has composed 110 padas known as keli mal and 18 padas known as ashtadas sidhant or eighteen principles. He has again and again emphasized that “oh man wake up before it is too late and take shelter in the lotus like feet of Bihariji who will free you from the fears of this mundane world which is full of sorrows and pains. Nothing is permanent here. Death snatches away our dear loved ones in minutes, diseases can any time announce their appearance, old age pangs will become unbearable and you will be left alone inspite of having a large family. Bihariji is the only permanent redeemer, friend, relative and well-wisher”. In his pada’s he has questioned us – “oh man !try to understand that you have spent millions of years loving your sons, daughters, mother, father, sister, brothers. How many births have you taken again and again ? You have not gained anything . From a millionier to a pauper everyone has to leave this world empty handed. All are caught in the natural cycle of birth and death again and again. It is impossible and difficult to come out of this worldly whirlpool. So wake up brother and immediately follow this path so that you can have permanent bliss with Bihariji in the nitya leela”.


Reading Bihariji’ stories is one of the methods to be his devotee. These stories are an inspiration that the ever blissful Bihariji can be so compassionate to everyone, then why not me? A person develops a faith that one day Bihari ji will shower his kripa on me also. I pray that whoever reads these true experiences of Bihariji also develops love and faith for the only person who is in reality our own. Everyone leaves us one day but not Him so he is the only true friend, mother, father, and everything of every living being.


My salutations and pranam to Bihariji who never leaves Vrindavan even for a second. I would always love to be engrossed in singing His glories, worship, and pray my beautiful nikunj Biharini, pleasing, elegant, heart throbe swamini Nikunjviharini who is always chanting the name of Bihariji day and night.


I worship the supreme head of the nitya vihar who is always carrying a flute in his hands and wears a mukut with a peacock feather and is also recognized by the garland made out of baijayanti mala which He wears always to please His bhakts.


ALL GLORIES TO BANKE BIHARI LAL……………………………………………………..




About 150 years ago Vrindavan was mostly a forest. Very few people lived there. There were no such buildings and shops as there are now. The saints lived in a cottage made out of mud and twigs of the trees. The whole place was covered with trees and bushes. In fact it was very enchanting and divine and anybody who went there never wanted to come back. At that time there were many groups of gypsies who used to wander from one place to another. They used to make tools for agriculture as well as domestic use and settled at one place for a year or two and sold their iron goods and then moved on to another place. One such group came to Vrindavan and made their dwelling on the outer parts near the railway line. In this group here was a woman called Mani who along with her other clan members went to have darshan of Bihariji and lo behold, she fell head over heels in love with such a beauty. She went on looking at Him without a blink and lost her heart in His shining eyes. Tears of love rolled on to her cheeks and she refused to move from this enchanting scene. At last she had no choice but to leave the temple as her family and others were leaving.


Next morning she woke up very early too eager to see the enchanting Bihariji again but when she woke up her husband was down with a very high fever. How could she leave him in such a state so she decided not to go. Soon the other people were ready to go and called out for the couple to come with them . She came out of her hut and told them about her husband’s fever so she was left behind. She saw the group vanishing out of her sight in the mist of winter months and kept gazing at that direction. She could hardly remember how long she stood there but soon she saw that the group has come back. She was surprised to see them back so soon and enquired from them if they had gone to Bihariji or not. When they told her yes they had visited Bihariji’s temple she could hardly believe them so she asked them as to what was the colour of Bihariji’s dress. They started looking at each other because none of them had observed the colour of Bihariji’s clothes. She taunted them and said did you go for a strol or darshan? Then she said I will tell you ,today Bihari ji is wearing a yellow dress with a red zari patka. Now the people who had gone to the temple thought some one must have told her the color of the dress Bihariji is wearing today but they were curious to find out the truth and decided to go back to he temple to find out. As they were going back she called out. Tell gosain ji to offer Bihariji the ladoo prasad which he has forgotten because Bihariji was complaining to me that He wants to eat those ladoos. The people thought she is crazy and soon reached the temple and saw the yellow and red dress of Bihariji but thought someone must have told her but then they thought we should convey her message as well and one of them asked the goswamiji on duty if he has forgotton to offer some ladoos to Bihariji. He replied no but all the same went in to check and was struck with wonder to find the ladoos kept on one side which he had forgotten about. He came out and asked those people how did they come to know about the ladoos and they narrated all said by Mani. When her clan people had gone Mani felt very sad that she was unable to go with them. Her heart was crying to meet Bihariji. She closed her eyes and brought His enchanting chhavi in her mind . She forgot everything around her and was so engrossed in Bihariji that Bihari came personally to her, gave her His darshan and also talked to her. She was blessed. Throughout her whole life she would go to Bihariji’s temple and thank him for his kripa on her. Such are the ways of Bihariji towards His loved devotees. Bolo Bhakti Mati Mani devi ki jaiiii  !!!!!!


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