Sanatana Gosvami’s Samadhi Sthali / Srila Sura Dasa Madana Mohana Gosvami

This samadhi area is accessible from the Vrndavana parikrama marga, or from a road running alongside the temple. It is located behind the original temple of Radha-Madana Mohana, and slight-ly down the hill. Here one finds the original samadhi of Shri Sanatana Gosvami, the grantha samadhi, and pushpa samadhis of Tapana Mishra and Candrasekhara, and many more. This samadhi compound, which is the peaceful playground of parrots, is saturated with sublime spiritual vibrations. On the corner of the road running alongside the temple and leading back to Sanatana Gosvami’s samadhi is the samadhi of Shri Sura Dasa Madana Mohana Gosvami, a disciple of Shri Sanatana Gosvami. Resembling the shape of Madana Mohana’s temple, it is usually covered in whitewash. Bhakta-mala describes that Sura Dasa ran away to Vrndavana after collecting lacs of rupees in taxes on behalf of Emperor Akbar. He spent the money on sadhu seva (serving devotees).

His bhajana was song writing and humble service. When Vais-navas visited the temple he would watch their wooden shoes to prevent the monkeys from stealing them. To receive the blessings of the devotees he would eat the dust from their feet remaining on their shoes. Gaudiyas regularly sing the prayers of Sura Dasa: Shri Govinda mukharavinda niraki mana vicarou, candra koti, bhanu koti, koti madana varunaou, "Just see the beauty of the lotus face of Shri Govinda, which is more effulgent than millions of suns and moons, and more attractive than millions of Kamadevas (Cupids)."


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