Sri Tattiya Sthan, Sri Vrindavan Dham

Sri Swami Lalit Kishori Devji

He resided on this earth between 1758 and 1823. Swami Rasik Dev ji gave him Swami Haridas ji’s karuva, banki, sumarni and gudadi – all his personal possessions along with vaanis (books) of 6 saints. He left Nidhivan and sat under a tree for meditation. Chaube ji Gokulchand and Shyam ji Chaube secured this place by fencing it with bamboo sticks. Hence it started being called as Tatiya Sthan. They also suggested to him that on Radha ashtmi, Sri Haridas ji’s appearance day should be celebrated and since then the festival is celebrated with lot of love, devotion and fervour. He authored 1200 dohas, 130 pad, 147 Ras pads, 50 Chaupais and 25 celebration pads.

He is also considered as the incarnation of Swami Haridas ji. He founded Tatiya Sthan and because of his blessings, even today, this place is always full with devotees from all places. Once he was completely engrossed in his meditation, when goddess of nature appeared in his meditation and she asked him whether she can beautify Tatiya Sthan. He nodded in affirmation and she created a beautiful environment there with lots of flowers, and greenery besides the banks of Yamuna River. He was the head of Sthan from 1701 to 1766. His samadhi is also at Tatiya Sthan.

Jaake Sri Haridas suhayi, tahi kahaa gam hai re bhai,
So to ati anand mein dole, maha prem bhare vachnani bole.

Chinchin Priyavar rang badhave, Kunjbiharini ke man bhaave,
Sri Lalit Kishori ih ras bhini, milat milat mein chah navini.

Hum Hari ke Hari hamre pyare,
Hari hamre hit rahat sadaai hum Hari ke ati hi sukhare.
Hum Hari Hari hum keli nirantar chin hu kabhu hot na nyare,
Hari hain Kunjbiharini rani rasik siromani pran adhaare.

Sri Swami Lalit Mohini Devji

He appeared in 1780 at Tungaranya. He left his house at the age of 18 years. He was a gifted rasik with an attractive personality.
The Nawab of Kashmir Nazam Khan Sultan conquered the fort at Dig and a vigrah of Sri Shyama Shyam was discovered. He did not consider himself worthy of it and in accordance to Thakur ji’s directions, he gave the vigrah to Sri Swami Lalit Mohini Dev ji. He was told the name of the vigrah in his dreams which was Radhika Bihari. They are still at Chatarpur Kunj. He started the singing of Samaj at Tatiya Sthan. He used to follow his guru while going to bathe in Yamuna River and used to step on the foot mark of his guruji which shows his love and devotion towards his guruji.

In his time Bihariji was taken away to Sasni, and he too went over there to rescue them. All the kings of his time used to respect him a lot and always paid their obesiences to him. He became very famous with all the kings and maharajas, so much so that they used to come every other day to visit him. His dear disciple was Sri Bhagwat Rasik ji. He was heading Tatiya Sthan from 1766 to 1801. He is last amongst the list of first eight gurus of Sri Haridasi Sampraday. He transformed Tatiya Sthan to its prime beauty and set in place other daily practices. His Samadhi is at Tatiya Sthan.

Sab sant hain ras bhare sab hi ras ki khan,
Rangmahal mein Bihari Biharini biharein rasik sujaan.

Honi hi so ho gayi, Honi hoi so hoi,
Bhog lage so payie, Sri Bihari Biharini ko mukh joi.

Jikri phikri sab chdi ke Lalit keli gun gaav,
Sri Vrindavan mein basi raho naahi aur upaav.

Bihari tere naina roop bhare,
Nirkhi nirkhi pyari Radhe ko anat na kahu tare.
Sukh ko saar samuh Kishori umangi umangi anko bhare,
Sri Lalitmohini ki niju jivani ur so uraji dhare.


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