Preaching is the Essence – His Divine Grace A.C. Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada Page 14

Lord Caitanya wants His followers to preach all over the world:
“Dear Lord, Your personal associates, devotees, wander all over the world to purify even the holy places of pilgrimage. Is not such activity pleasing to those who are actually afraid of material existence?”

There ar two kinds of devotees.One is called gosthy –anandi and the other bhajanandi. The word bhajanandi refers to the devotee who dos not move but remains in one place. Such a devotee is always engaged in the devotional service of the Lord. He chants the Mahamantra staught by many acaryas and sometimes goes out for preaching work.

The gosthy-anandi is one who desires to increase the number of devotees all over the world. He travels all over the world just to purify the world and the people residing in it.
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu advised: prithvi ache yata nagaradi gram / sarvatra pracara haibe mora nama. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu wanted His followers to move all over the world and preach in every town and village.
In the Chaitanya – sampradaya those who strictly follow the the principles of Lord Chaitanya must travel all over the world to preach the message of Lord Chaitanya, which is the same as preaching the words of Krsna- Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. The more the devotees preach the principles of Krsna katha, the more the people throughout the world will benefit.

Devotees like the great sage Narada who travel all over to preach are called gosti-anandi. Narada Muni is always wandering throughout the universe just to create different types of devotees. Narada even made a hunter a devotee. He also made Dhruve Maharja and Prahlada devotees. Actually all devotees are indebted to the great sage Narada, for he has wandered both in heaven and in hell. A devotee of the Lord is not even afraid of hell. He goes to preach the glories of the Lord everywhere-even in hell- because there is no distinction between heaven and hell for a devotee.
Narayana –parah sarve
Na kutascana bibhyati
Ap tulyartha- darsinah
“A pure devotee of Narayana is never afraid of going anywhere and everywhere. For him heaven and hell are one and the same.” (Bhag. 6.17.28) Such devotees, wandering all over the world, deliver those who are actually afraid of this material existence.
Bhag. 4.30.37


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