Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu at Srikhanda

Dol jatra at Srikhanda thakur bari Dol Purnima

Holi festival is celebrated as Dol Purnima or Dol Jatra or Dol Yatra in Bengal. It is celebrated on Falgun Purnima, the Full Moon day in Falgun month. Dol Purnima is dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna and the festival is also known as Basontotsav. Dol Purnima also marks the birthday of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu once visited Vrindavan, where he observed the Holi festival. After his return to Bengal, he pondered deeply and decided to introduce the festival but in a different form. It came to be known as Dolyatra.Shri Chaitanya said to his followers, "Go to the Krishna temple on that day, and apply red powder and red colour to Krishna. Then you should play with the red powder and colour amongst yourselves." And those who gave red powder and colour to others would also feed them with malpoa, the delectable sweet. So it is neither Holi festival nor Phaguya – it is the Dolyatra of Shri Krishna.In the days of Mahaprabhu, the prevailing rule was to seek the prior permission of the person to whom you were going to give the red powder. If that person gave permission, then only could you smear him with coloured powder, and then treat them to malpoa.

Like every year Dol jatra celebrated at Srikhanda Thakurbari and a little fair also organized at this place by Srikhanda Madhumati Samity.


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