Sri Krsna as Mother Kali

A nice story of how Krishna assumed the form of Kali as a lila or divine play – The plot unfolds in the puranic forest of Vrindavan where the cowherd Yadavas were peacefully residing with their much loved leader and friend, Sri Krishna. Every night, hearing the flute of Krishna at midnight Srimati Radharani would quietly slip out from her home to secretly meet with her lover in the deep forests. However this was eventually observed by the shrewd sister in laws of Radha, Jatila and Kutila who informed her husband Ayan of his wife’s ‘adultery’. Infuriated Ayan set off to punish the miscreant, into the deep woods. However the lord of all beings, Sri Krishna already knew what was in the air. He quickly asked Radha to pick up all the wild fruits and flowers that she could find and sit down at his feet in an worshipful gesture. Radha obeyed his commands and soon Krishna had himself transformed to Kali — the ishta or chosen deity of Ayan. When Ayan finally arrived on the spot he found his wife doing puja of their family deity. Thus Srimati Radharani was saved.


One Response to “Sri Krsna as Mother Kali”

  1. Its not Ayan…..its Abhimanyu

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