Sri Sri 108 Pran Krishna Das Babaji Maharaja

Sri Sri 108 Pran Krishna Das Babaji Maharaja

Gurudeva does daily dandavats around Sri Radhakund, the temples and acaryas sitting places there. On this day Gurudev blessed us by bringing His kirtan party to Vrindavan. Even outside of Radhakund He doesn’t neglect His sadhana. Here He is doing dandavats in Guptakunj(as He calls it) Jaya Nitai!

He is in line from Sri Nityananda Prabhu. Nityananda Vamsh. Bhaktissidhanta Thakur had not given emphasis to which diksa line he belonged to (meaning which line was Siddha Sri Gaurkisor das Babji initiated in). Some vaisnavas (Gaudiya math) say Nityananda vm. while others say Adwaita vamsh. Anyhow he is a great Niskincan Vaisnava who is wholly dedicated to Nam sankirtan and Dham bas at Sri Radha kunda. We live with him and daily see his sadhana and bhajan practice. Tell a tree by its fruit.


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