Tomorrow (5/12) is Akshay Trititya – Chandan Yatra begins

Hare Krsna dear devotees
Dandvat pranam, Jai Srila Prabhupad.

Tomorrow is Akshay tritiya…a very auspicious day. It is the day when Lord Jagannath’s chandan yatra happens, the doors to BadriNarayan will open, the day when Lord Brahma created this universe. Akshay means ‘permanent, non perishable’…so anything started on this day will be very successful.

We are very interested in this as it is the day when Thakurji’s chandan yatra begins. We sincerely request all devotees to participate in this chandan yatra at some level with your Thakurji (or with SriSri Radha Sharadbihariji Sri Lalita Sakhi Sri Vishakha Sakhi). As it is hot in Vrindavan and India, chandan paste is applied to Thakurji all over the body. But since it is not very hot here in US, we dont do that so much as it becomes too much cooking for we apply only at few spots like Lotyus Face, Lotus Feet and then when it is full summer, we celebrate chandan yatra for our Thakurji here.

We will write more about chandan yatra in coming days as it lasts 21 days from tomorrow. To spark our enthusiasm and interest, attached is some pictures of previous chandan yatra in Vrindavan.

your servant,
Padmanabh das


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