Eyes that dont take darshan of Sri Shyamsundarji

“Dear Emperor, there are many varieties of subject matters for hearing by the human being.” But what class of human being?

There are many different kinds of knowledge for those who are fools and rascals without any self realization. They are called blind. They have eyes, but they have no introspection for the value of life. Therefore, he says they have eyes like the eyes of the peacock feather. They have no introspection.

Therefore, Vedic culture says you should see through sastra (scripture). Don’t try to see by these eyes. These are only valueless eyes. They are conditioned in so many ways, so don’t believe the eyes. See through the sastra. See through the spiritual master and through the sastra. Try to see through these this is perfection. (Srila Prabhupada, Back To Godhead Magazine, Vol. I, No. 33, 1970)


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