Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu glorifies Sri Vasudev Datta

The Lord loved Sri Vasudeva so dearly and said, “It is indeed true that I belong to Vasudeva.” Repeatedly the Lord said, “My body is the property of Vasudeva and his alone. He can sell Me anywhere he pleases. I say truly, by him I willingly allow myself to be sold to any one.

A moment’s association with Sri Vasudeva Datta can bless anyone with Sri Krsna’s protection from all dangers. O Vaishnava devotees, please hear Me. I say truly that Sri Vasudeva owns me completely. Whoever is just touched by the breeze over his body will be always protected by the Supreme Lord, Sri Krsna.”

The devotees became jubilant hearing the Lord shower such causeless mercy on Sri Vasudeva and loudly chanted the Holy Name. Sri Gaurasundara is extremely adept in glorifying His devotees to illustrate their glories. (Caitanya-bhagavata)


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