Swing Pastimes – What Rupa Goswami Saw in his Ecstasy

Swing Pastimes – What Rupa Goswami Saw in his Ecstasy

In the courtyard of the Braja Mohan Temple is the Imli Tala tree, near which Rupa Gosvami sat. The original tree is no longer present here. There is an interesting pastime of Radha and Krishna that took place here that was personally witnessed by Rupa Gosvami.

One day Rupa Gosvami was sitting here and he looked over and saw a beautiful swing. Just then Radha and Krishna arrived with Their sakhis and manjaris. Krishna requested Radharani to sit on the swing with her, but she refused because Krishna would make the swing go too high and she didn’t like that. Krishna asked Her again and promised he would not make it swing too high. The sakhis and manjaris also asked her to get on the swing with Krishna, and said they would push the swing themselves to keep it from going too high.

At first the sakhis and manjaris gently pushed the swing, but then gradually Krishna started to moving his legs to make the swing go higher. After a short time the swing was going so high that it was above the heads of the sakhis and manjaris. Radharani then asked Krishna to stop going so high and to let Her get off the swing. Krishna just laughed and made the swing go higher, until it reached a level where it was almost going to go around. Radharani then screamed loudly and jumped into Krishna’s arms, and held Him firmly.

Krishna was extremely happy to have Radharani holding Him. He then swung the swing so high that it made a complete circle. The sakhis and manjaris then sung the glories of Radha and Krishna.

After seeing this pastime, Rupa Goswami fell on the ground unconscious in ecstasy. When he awoke He saw that the swing was still hanging on the tree, and that the tree had been twisted because of the force of the swing. Until just recently the tree could still be seen in its twisted condition.


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