Something more on Balaramji

Hare Krsna
Dandvat pranam, Jai Srila Prabhupad.

There is a famous saying in Vraj which my Vijay Krsna Prabhu from Toronto reminded me in morning….all Vraj vasis say this..especially we hear this at Dauji Mandir in Sri Vrindavan Dham –

Daoo saman data na jag mein koi
Dinan ki raksha kare , jo aaye sharan mein

Bolo bade bhaiya Dauji bhaiya ki Jai !!!!!

Also attached is some more pictures of SriSri Krsna Balaram…one can see Lord Balaram nicely standing with His left arm resting on Sri Krsna’s shoulder and with His right hand playing with a lotus flower or sometimes has a gada (clud)…and Shyamsundarji becomes ecstatic to have Dauji bhaiya very close to Him…Lord Balaram rests in the lap of Krsna after lunch while herding cows…Dauji bhaiya is always very caring towards Shaymsundar…as Shyamsundar is His younger brother…Ma Yashoda and Ma Rohini has special instructions to Dauji to take care of Kanaiya while playing and herding cows…Kanaiya wants to become strong like Dauji…likes to have His hair big and strong like Dauji…wants to herd cows with Dauji and wrestle like Dauji…Kanaiya thinks of Dauji as His role model…and at times also complains of Dauji to Ma Yashoda….that Dauji teases Kanha that He is not Nand Baba Ma Yashoda’s son…that Kanha has been brought from some market place…and that sometimes Dauji takes Kanha to a secluded place in a forest and then scare Kanha saying – O Kanha run…a big Hovuu is living in this forest and is coming at us…saying that Dauji runs and Kanha just stands still frightened…He complains about all this to Ma Yashooda…but next day morning, He is again ready to go back under the supervision of Dauji Bhaiya. Lord Balaram is so dear to Sri Krsna….and the love between the Two is evident from these pictures…pls look at Them in these pictures and meditate…SriSri Krsna Balaram ki Jai !!!!

(I have added couple pics of SriSri Radha Shyamsundarji also so that They dont feel left out…Kanaiya at times competes with Dauji and becomes sulky at times just to increase the lila pleasure)

your servant,
Padmanabh das

Prashant Patel
Program Manager, Lenovo WW Maint Inventory
Phone: (717) 547-7086, T/L: 254-7086


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