Timeline of Sri Krsna

Timeline of Krsna – Krsna Lila from 0 to 3 Years at Mathura and Gokul

· Krsna’s Birth – Birth Appearance at midnite of Sravana, Rohini star, Ashtami of Krsna paksha (July 19/20), year 3228 BC to Devaki .

· Miracle – By Krsna’s grace miracle happens that all gates open and guards asleep.

· Yamuna’s desire fulfilled – Vasudeva crosses River Yamuna, when she touches Lord’s feet which was her long wish.

· Lord Adisesha as an Umbrella – Lord Adisesha framed like Umbrella guarded Lord from rain.

· Replacement with MahaMaya – Taken by Vasudeva from Mathura to Nanda and Yasoda in Gokula .

· Birth Festival – Garga Muni performs the naming ceremony and names the baby as Krsna.

· Putana killed – Krsna kills Putana, the woman rakshashi who smeared poison in her breast to kill Krsna.

· Sakatasura killed – Krsna kills Sakatasura who came in the form of a cart was kicked and killed by Krsna.

· Trinavartha killed – Krsna kills Trinavartha who came in the form of a whirlwind. Krsna became very heavy, so that he could not be lifted by the rakshasha.

Timeline of Krsna – Krsna Lila from 3 to 6 Years at Vrindavan

· Building Vrindavan – The residents of Gokul decided to shift the place to Vrindavan where they found that will be safe from the hands of rakshasha.

· Whole World inside Krsna’s mouth – Mother Yashoda got angry when should found Krsna eating mud. She asked Krsna to open his mouth and astonished to see the seven world, seven seas and all the creatures into the mouth.

· Moksha for Kubera Purusha – Krsna was punished by Yashoda when he stole butter from the neighbour. He was tied to a wooden mortar. Krsna pulled down the mortar and went between two Arjuna trees. The trees fell down and turned to be a Gandharva who were originally the sons of Kubera, who turned to trees due to curse by Sage Narada.

· Cowherds – Krsna, Balarama and their friends started taming their cows to the nearer places to grace.

· Fruit Vendor – Krsna blessed an old fruit vendor woman with prosperity because out of devotion she gave all fruits which is kept for selling.

· Bakasura killed – Krsna killed Bakasura who came in guise of a gaint Crane.

· Aghasura killed – Krsna killed Aghasura, who was the brother of Putana and who came in disguise. He laid down as a gaint Python and swallowed the gopas. Finally, Krsna took a gaint form to kill him.

· Lord Brahma’s Play – Krsna was playing with the cows and gopas. Lord Brahma, took away the gopas and cows and hid them. But Krsna knew it was Brahma’s action. He made himself as all the gopas and cows. Brahma then, realised his mistake and was excused by Lord Krsna.

· Dhenukasura killed – Balarama killed Dhenuka who came in guise as an ass. He whirled around the ass and threw it inorder to save the Gopas and Lord Krsna

Timeline of Krsna – Krsna Lila from 7 to 10 years at Vrindavan

· Kaliya Mardhanam – Krsna rescued the Brijbasis by ordering the poisonous Snake Kaliya to move to sea. He was a venomous Snake and many of the people died by drinking the water. Krsna jumped into the lake, danced on his hood and made Kaliya to pleade for his life. This is incident is called Kaliya Mardanam.

· Pralambasura Vadham – Balarama killed Pralamba who came in disguise as a cowheard boy. The gopas played a game in such a way that the loser of the game have to carry the winner on his shoulder. Balarama won the game and the wicked Asura thought that he would carry him off. But Balarama knew it was a plan and killed Prambalasura.

· Saved From The Forest Fire – Krsna and his inmates were playing in the forest and suddenly forest fire broke and everybody seek the help of Krsna. Krsna asked the boys to close their eyes and he suck all the fire into his mouth and saved the cowherds.

· Karthiyayani Penance – The gopis prayed to Goddess Karthiyayani stating Krsna as their husband.

· Salvation of the Brahmin Women – Krsna Balarama and Gopis were in hunger and asked for food in a Brahmin’s house where Yagna was performed. The Brahmin men did not give response to Krsna as their wives of the Brahmin gave food to Krsna and sought his blessings.

· Preparation for the Indra Yagna – Krsna told the Brijvasis to perform Yagna to Govardhana and not to Indra. As Govardhana only helps their living in true form. Everybody celebrated the Govradhana puja along with Krsna.

· Lifting of Govardhan – Krsna lifted the Govardhana inorder to save the Brijvasis who were suffering from Indra’s anger as heavy rains, floods, lightning and thunder. Having found that Krsna is Sriman Narayana himself, Indra surrendered to the Lord realising his mistake.

· Krsna’s Abishek Or Holy Bath – Krsna was named "Govinda" as he became the saviour of all the creatures of Vrindavan.

· Rasalila – Krsna danced with the Gopis on River Yamuna banks, at midnight in moonlight with musical flute playing on his lips.

· Sudarsana’s Salvation – Krsna and the gopis went to Ambika Vanam for worshipping Lord Pashupathinath on the banks of the River Saraswati. While resting, a serpent named Sudarsana tried to swallow Nanda, immediately Krsna’s feet touched the Serpent and Sudarsana got salvation.

· Sankhuchuda’s Salvation – Krsna and Balarama were playing with the Gopis. Sankhachuda, who was greedy, took few Gopis and ranaway. Krsna chased him and killed him with the Discus, took off his jewels and presented to Balarama. Thereafter, Balarama wore that jewel.

· The Death of Arishtasura the Ox Demon – Krsna Balarama and Gopis were looking after the fields and the cows. Suddenly Kamsa’s friend Arishtasura came in guise of an ox, started pouncing on the cows and Gopas. Krsna took him by horns throwed him and he got killed.

· Kesi’s Death – Krsna found a gaint horse named kesi, who was friend of Kamsa came running towards him. He swung around the horse and killed him.

· Vyomasura The Magician – Krsna Balarama and his friends were playing calf and thief games. The thief has to lift the calf (gopi who is acting). The demon who is a Magician took the guise of a thief and tried to cheat Gopas. Krsna found that he is a demon and killed him.

· Akrura’s Vision – Meanwhile, Kamsa found that Krsna is the eigth child of Devaki and asked Akrura to bring Krsna Balarama to Mathura. Akrura, on his way to Mathura along with Krsna in a chariot felt afraid that Kamsa would harm the kids. He took bath in the river and found that Lord Krsna is none other than Lord Sriman Narayana and Balarama is Seshanag. Krsna gave him confidence by showing is swaroopa to Akrura.

· Timeline of Krsna – Krsna Lila from 10 to 28 Years at Mathura


· · Krsna In Mathura – Krsna and Balarama appeared as Devas in Mathura. People welcomed them and were delighted to see their Lord who is going to save them from the clutches of wicked Kamsa.
· · Further Adventures – Krsna, Balarama and Gopis found beautiful garments which were in Kamsa’s laundry. Krsna asked the laundry person to give one of the clothes, he denied and also ill-treated the Lord. Krsna then hit him and took off the clothes and gave it to Gopis.
· · The Episode Of The Crooked Sundari – Krsna and Balarama was walking on the streets to see the beauty of Mathura. On their way they found a plesant smell of Chandan. It was carried by a hunch maid to Kamsa. Krsna asked Chandan from the maid. She took and tried to smear the Chandan with devotion. By Lord’s Grace, she turned to be a beautiful maiden. Krsna showered his blessings towards the true devotee.
· · Dhanur Yagna – Lord Shiva’s Dhanur was kept in display. Krsna went and took the bow which is very heavy to hold. Krsna tried to pull the string and the bow broke. Hearing this everybody praised Krsna’s valour.
· · Kuvalya Peeda Vadham – Krsna took the royal elephant named Kuvalyapeeda, which was running mad to kill Krsna. It was a plan by Kamsa to kill Krsna but in vain.
· · Mushtika and Chanura Vadham – Krsna took Chanura and Balarama took Mushtika to fight in a wrestler match. This was a plot by Kamsa to kill the cowherd boys. Both Krsna and Balarama killed the wrestlers in notime.
· · Kamsa Vadham – Krsna immediately after killing Chanura went towards Kamsa, dragged him from the throne and put him down. Caught hold of his head and bashed him against the ground. He sat on top of Kamsa’s chest and hit him with his fist and killed him. Kamsa attained Salvation because he was killed by Lord Krsna.
· · The brothers at Sandipani Ashram – Krsna and Balarama learned all th shastras and martial arts at Sandipani Ashram. They learnt with ease.
· · Sudama and Krsna – Once Krsna and Sudama went to forest to collect twigs. It rained heavily that they climbed in one of the trees. Sudama was hungry, so he ate all the food given by Gurupatni. He did not even ask Krsna. But Krsna was not at all angry, he advised Sudama not to act like that hereafter. Sudama realised his mistake.
· · GuruDakshina – Krsna and Balarama asked Guru about GuruDakshina. Guru told that it is very difficult because he wanted his son who was lost some years ago in Prabasa sea.
· · Panchajanya Salvation – Krsna and Balarama left for Prabasa. They were welcomed by the Lord of sea. Lord of sea told that a demon named Panchajanya, who disguised himself as a conch took the Guru’s son. The demon resides at the bottom of the sea. Krsna and Balarama fought with the demon and killed him. Krsna made Panchajanya as his conch. Still he could not find the son. They went to Yamaloka in search of the boy.
· · Krsna and Balarama at YamaLoka – Krsna asked Yama about the boy who was taken by Panchajanya. Yama Dharmaraja immedietly gave the boy back to Krsna.
· · GuruDakshina Given – Krsna Balarama along with is Guru’s son gave Guru’s son as GuruDakshina. Guru and GuruPatni were very much happy and blessed Krsna and Balarama. They both left the Ashram and started to assist Ugrasena in ruling Mathura.
· · Jarasandha defeated – Krsna who killed his uncle Kamsa became enemy for King Jarasandha. Because his daughters were the wives of Kamsa. Jarasandha kept on attacking Mathura several times(approx 18 times) and got defeated by Krsna Balarama.
· · Krsna’s fury – Krsna wanted to avoid war against Jarasandha in consideration with the people of Mathura. He thought of shifting the kingdom towards Dwaraka where Jarasandha would not attack.

Timeline of Krsna – KrsnaLila at 29 to 83 Years at Dwaraka – Part I

· Marriage to Rukmini – Rukmini was the daughter of King Bheeshmaka, king of Vidarbha. She had five brothers. She was the only daughter of the king. She is incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Hearing the praise, charm, valour of Krsna, she began to think Krsna as her husband. But Rukmi her brother wanted to get her married to Sisupala, who is his friend. Marriage day was fixed and Rukmini was in distress. She wrote a letter to Lord Krsna stating that she is in love with him and will be waiting near the Goddess Sakthi Temple on the day of marriage, so that he can come and pick her up. She told that if the plan fails, then she would rather die than to marry sisupala. She gave the letter to Brahmin and asked him to convey the news.The Brahmin went to Dwaraka and conveyed the news. In return, Krsna also told that he will be coming and picking her up and there is no need to worry. As told, Rukmini on marriage day, after completion of her worship towards Goddess Shakti waited near the entrance of the temple. Krsna came and took her off.Balarama was there with Krsna and fought with the other kings who was chasing the couple. Krsna then fought with Rukmi, brother of Rukmini and tied his hands, cut off his hairs and moutsche. It was an insult to the kings in those days. Krsna spared the life of Rukmi and married Goddess Rukmini Devi at Dwaraka.

· The Story of the Jewel Syamanthaka – Satrajith was a follower of Sun God. In order to please his devotee, Sun God gave him a precious jewel named Syamanthaka. Krsna warned Satrajith about the jewel’s safety. But Satrajith did not mind his words. Oneday his brother prasena wore that jewel and went for hunting. He got killed by a lion. But the talk of the town was about Krsna. People began to talk that Krsna had taken the jewel. To remove their false views Krsna started in search of the jewel.

· Krsna’s marriage with Jambavathi – He searched in the forest and found the truth about the death of the prince. He found the jewel in the cave of Jambavan, the bear. It was with the princes Jambavathi who is the daughter of Jambavan. He asked for the jewel and Jambavan refused to give it back. There was a big fight between Krsna and Jambavan. Finally Krsna showed his true Lord Ramachandramurthy form in which Jambavan was pleased. He gave not only the jewel to Krsna but also his daughter in marriage with Krsna.

· Krsna’s marriage with Sathyabhama – Krsna then, returned the jewel to Satrajith. Knowing the truth, Satrajith asked for apologise and gave his daughter Sathyabhama in marriage to Krsna.

· Destruction of Narakasura – Narakasura was a cruel Asura who is originally the son of Goddess Bhooma Devi (Mother Earth). He got a boon stating that he can be killed only by his mother. He stole the earrings from Adithi and made many women and men as captives. They all pleaded Krsna to save from the clutches of Narakasura. Krsna along with Sathyabhama (who is the incarnation of Goddess Mother Earth) mounted on Garuda went to the demon’s place. There was an intense fight between the two and finally along with Sathyabhama the Asura got killed.

· Rescued 16,100 princesses – The princesses who were in the prison pledged Krsna to marry them as he has saved him from the Asura. Krsna who is Paramatma married all of them.

· Story of Nriga – The princes of Dwaraka were playing in the garden. They found a giant lizard and tried to pull it. But in vain they reported to Lord Krsna. He came and pulled it with ease. Once he touched the lizard, it changed to Gandharva. The Gandharva is none other than King Nriga of Ikshwaku race. He was doing cows and calves as Dhanam to Brahmins. Once there was a issue brought to his court. It was about the Dhanam of cows which he gave. By mistakenly the cow which is already given as a Dhanam to a Brahimin oneday before was again given as a Dhanam to another Brahman on a next day. Both the Brahmins were telling truth. The mistake was done unknowingly. The king died on the spot. At heaven, Lord Yamaraj asked the king whether he would live as a lizard first as a result of doing mistake in the kingdom or first be in heaven as a result of doing Dhanams. The king made his first choice of being born as a lizard and then to heaven for enjoying. Thus told the story to Krsna Balarama and Yadavas, went to heaven. It was Krsna’s Grace which made him to go to heaven.

· Paundraka Moksham – Paundraka Vasudeva was an imposter of Krsna. He dressed up like Krsna and started treating Krsna as a duplicate. Hearing this, Krsna marched with his army and killed that wicked king using his Powerful Sudarshana Chakra. Paundraka Vasudeva’s son took revenge and put black magic on the city of Dwaraka. But Krsna’s Sudarshana Chakra saved everyone.

· Slaying of Dwivida and Mainda – They were the monkeys who were helping Lord Rama in his mission. Unfortunately, they had a very bad friendship with Narakasura. They took revenge against Krsna and went to Balarama first to destory his place Anarta. There, they created lot of trouble. Seeing this Lord Balarama killed the monkeys.

Timeline of Krsna – Krsna Lila at 29 to 83 Years at Dwaraka Part 2, Indraprasta · Pradyumna – Krsna and Rukmini had a son named Pradyumna. He was carried away by a Asura named Sambha because the Asura knew that he would be killed by the child. He threw the child into the sea. A fish swallowed the Child and was seen when it was cut open by an fisherman. He gave the child to his mistress Mayavati. She brought up the child with love and affection. Pradyumna grew to be a very handsome guy who is originally an amsa of Lord Kamadeva who was burnt to ashes by Lord Shiva.

· Sambha’s death – Mayavati told that Pardyumna is no other than Kamadeva and she is his wife Rati. She also told that Sambha had tried to kill him. She taught Pradyumna all sorts of arts to kill Sambha who is magically worth. She taught him magic also. Pradyumna waged a war against Sambha and killed him.

· Rukmini’s happiness – Pradyumna and Mayavati went to Dwaraka to get the grace of Rukmini and Vasudeva. Rukmini was extremly happy after seeing her beloved son after a very long time. Pradyumna and Mayavati got married at Dwaraka.

· Satrajith’s death – Satadhanva who was supposed to marry Sathyabhama, got enraged against Krsna. He killed Satrajith, father of Sathyabhama and took the jewel. Sathyabhama told the incident and immediately Krsna went in search of him. Meanwhile Satadhanva gave the jewel to Akrura and fled for life. Krsna somehow found him after a very long search and killed him with Sudarshana Chakra. But he was not able to find the jewel. He came to know it is with Akrura who was giving large amount of Dhanams to Brahmins in City Kasi. He went and asked Akrura to keep the jewel himself and do more good things to the society.

· Kalindi marriage with Krsna – Krsna and Arjuna were wandering nearby forest of Indraprasta. They found a girl who was walking alone along the banks of River Yamuna. Arjuna enquired about the girl and found that she is the daughter of River Yamuna and Sun God. She had got a house built inside the River by her father. She is now is search of Lord Krsna as she wishes him to marry her. Arjuna took Kalindi to Indraprastha and got married with Krsna. Kalindi and Krsna’s marriage was celebrated in City Indraprasta.

· Building Indraprasta – Krsna asked Vishwaksena, who is the Lord of Architecture to build a city for Pandavas. He built a beautiful city including gardens, lakes, waterfalls, streets and palaces for Pandavas.

· Khandava Dhanam – Krsna and Arjuna went to Khandava forest for hunting. Lord AgniDeva wanted to consume the forest for a long time. But it was not fulfilled. With the help of Arjun he consumed the forest. Arjuna helped him by showering arrows that built a cover to the forest when it rains. Lord AgniDeva gave him a beautiful Chariot, magnificent horses, armour and bow Gandiva. Arjuna also helped Mayan, a demon to escape from the forest fire. Mayan built a beautiful hall of mirrors for Pandavas at Indraprasta where Duryodhana fell down and Draupadi laughed leading to the great Mahabharatha war.

· Marriage of Mitravinda with Krsna – Mitravinda who was his cousin wanted to marry Krsna. But her brothers were friends of Duryodhana. So, Krsna had to fight against them and marry the Avanti princess.

· Satya’s Marriage with Krsna – Satya knows Krsna from her childhood. But her father who is the king of Kosala put a test stating that one who fights against seven bulls at a time can maary his daughter Satya. Most of them did not pass the test. Krsna then took seven forms, fought against the seven bulls and suceeded. He gave his daughter Satya in marriage to Krsna happily.

· Krsna’s other two Queens – Bhadra and Lakshmana were the other two princess who married Krsna.

Timeline of Krsna – Krsna Lila at 29 to 83 Years at Dwaraka Part 3, and Indraprastha

· Story of Banasura who is Shiva’s Devotee He was a great Devotee of Lord Shiva. He used to Play drums when Lord Shiva Dances at Mount Kailash. Lord Shiva was very much pleased and gave him thousand hands. He is also grandson of Mahabali Chakravarthy. But Banasura was not satisfied with that boon because there were nobody to compete him. Lord Shiva scolded him by telling that he would get a suitable warrior against him to fight.

· Story of Usha and Anirudha – Usha, the daughter of Banasura had a dream of handsome man which is none other than Anirudha, Grandson of Krsna. She narrated the features of Anirudha to Chitralekha her friend. She is a good artist and she drew the picture. Chitralekha then travelled to Dwaraka and brought Anirudha to Usha’s palace. They both lived happily. The guards began to doubt and informed to Banasura. Meanwhile Dwaraka people began to know this incident. Krsna Balarama and others set war against Banasura. Krsna started cutting each hand of Banasura with the help of Sudarshana Chakra. But Lord Shiva asked that at least four hands be left for Banasura as he is an ardent Devotee. Krsna then took Anirudha and Usha to Dwaraka and arranged their marriage. Even today Banasura will play drums with four hands when Lord Shiva dances at Mount Kailash.

· Slaying of Jarasandha – Yudhistra was performing Rajasuya, but Jarasandha was always an opponent. Krsna told Yudhistra that all the kings who opposed his Rajasuya should be either killed or make them accept the Yaga. But they very well know that Jarasandha would neglect. So Bhima, Arjuna and Krsna went to Jarasandha in guise of a Brahmin. But he found and asked when they wanted. They told that they need to fight against him. All the three were ready, but Jarasandha accepted only Bhima to fight against him. They both fought vigoursouly and finally Bhima splitted the body of Jarasandha and threw aside. But the body again got fixed and again they both started fighting. This happened few times. Whenever he split the body and threw it would join and then they would fight. This annoyed Bhima. Krsna found a solution. He took a dry grass and started to split into two halves and threw each half in opposite direction. Bhima did the same to Jarasandha and threw it in opposite direction, the body did not fix again and he was dead. Many princes and kings were released and finally Jarasandha’s son was made the king.

· Sisupala Vadham – Everybody accepted Lord Krsna as the first person for respect in Rajasuya Yaga. But Sisupala denied. He started ill treating Lord Krsna in front of others. This went for many times. When it reached hundreth time, Krsna took off his Sudarshana Chakra and killed Sisupala. This is because when Sisupala was born, he had an abnormal features. Everybody got scared of his birth. But a celestial voice told that the features will be back to normal when he is placed in particular person’s lap who is actually the child will be killed. So, when Krsna came took Sisupala on his lap, the features turned to normal. But his mother who is actually aunt for Krsna requested that Krsna should bear the child’s hindrance atleast for hundred times before killing. So, eventhough he uttered cruel words against Krsna, he stood without responding. When it crossed the limit, he started to punish Sisupala. Sisupala is also one of the gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu at Vaikunta. Out of curse he was born thrice to overcome the curse.

· Killing of Salva and Dandavakra – Krsna Balarama was not there in Dwaraka. Salva, who is the friend of Sisupala attacked Dwaraka in Krsna’s absence. He started killing all the people. Krsna immediately reached Dwaraka and started fight against Salva. He took his Sudarshana Chakra and killed the king. Later, Dandavakra who was also friend of Sisupala started to fight against Krsna. Krsna again took his Sudarshana Chakra and killed the asura. He is also one of the gatekeepers of Vaikunta. He also got relieved from the curse and reached Vaikunta.

· Sudama – Krsna’s friend Sudama was very poor Brahmin. He was a good friend of Krsna. Sudama was very poor and his wife asked him to seek some wealth from Krsna. Sudama denied. But his kids were finding very difficult to find found to eat. So he set out to Dwaraka taking a small amount of flattened rice to Krsna. When he reached the gates, Krsna and Rukmini welcomed him, treated him like a Maharaj and gave good respect. Finally, Krsna found the puffed rice and started eating. When he was about to take a third part of the rice, Goddess Rukmini stopped him of eating. It is nothing but the wealth which Lord Krsna gave to Kuchela for each part of rice he had taken from Sudama. But Sudama did not ask anything from Krsna and went home. When he reached home, he found that his house has become a palace, lot of wealth has been given by Krsna to his family. He thanked Lord Krsna for the help and he asked Krsna that only his grace is required than anything in the world. Thus was a strong friendship between Lord Krsna and Sudama.

· Krsna’s brothers – Vasudeva and Devaki realized that their son Krsna is none other than Lord Vishnu himself and Balarama is none other than Lord Adisesha. Devaki pleaded Krsna to bring back his brothers who was killed by Kamsa. But Krsna told that they have only short lives as a curse of Brahma. Once they tried to ill treat Lord Brahma who cursed them to be born for short lives. They were actually sons of Hiranyakashpu where inturn immedietly born again to Devaki and Vasudeva and got killed by Kamsa. Kamsa was just a mediator. Krsna brought back the life of them and immedietly returned them to Pathala Lokha where they were ruled by Mahabali Chakravarthy.

· Recovery of Brahmin’s children – Once a citizen of Dwaraka a Brahmin, was sad because his children were born dead. But Krsna and Balarama did not responded. Arjuna happened to pass by and heard the sorrow of the Brahmin and tried to save him. His wife delivered a baby tenth time. But the baby this time was also born dead and it vanished. Agitated by this, the Brahmin asked Arjuna to set prey and jump into the fire as a result of not saving his child. But Arjuna searched in all Lokhas and could not found the child. Later he thought of setting himself fire, But Krsna took him to Vaikunta, returned the children of Brahmin and saved Arjuna.

Timeline of Krsna – Krsna Lila at 29 to 83 Years at Dwaraka Part 4, Hastinapur

· Draupadi’s grief – At Hastinapur, Pandavas was cheated in the game of dice. Draupadi was dragged by Dushasana to the dice hall. He started to take off her clothes in the mid of all. Draupadi who is a true devotee of Krsna called him for the rescue. As a result, eventhough evilminded Dushasana tried to remove her robes, the new set of robes came covered her body. Finally, he fainted. Krsna rescued his Devotee aswell as his sister from the evil.

· Treat for Durvasa – Pandavas were exiled to forest. The wicked Duryodhana cleverly made arrangements of Sage Durvasa to meet the Pandavas. Sage Durvasa told Pandavas that after taking bath he would have food with Pandavas. But Unfortunately, the Akshaya Pathiram which was given by Sun God was cleaned and kept after which one cannot provide food from that. Pandavas were worried. Draupadi prayed to Lord Krsna. Immediately Krsna appeared and asked for Akshaya Pathiram. Draupadi told that she had already cleaned. But Lord told her to bring and she got it and gave to Krsna. There was a small amount of spinach left without cleaned in that vessel. Lord Krsna, who prevades in all beings, ate that small amount of spinach which made Sage Durvasa to fill his stomach. Sage Durvasa told Pandavas that his stomach was full and he will not have food with Pandavas. Thus Pandavas were saved from the curse of Sage Durvasa.

· Abhimanyu’s Guru as Krsna – Subhadra was carring and she was asleep. Meanwhile Lord Krsna came and taught about the martial arts of war when he was in womb. Meanwhile, Arjuna came and Krsna left the teaching to Abhimanyu. By birth as a result, Abhimanyu was a great warrior.

· Krsna as a Messenger – After the completion of Exile period of Pandavas, they thought of asking their kingdom back from Kauravas. So they sent Krsna as a messenger. Krsna stayed in Vidura’s place and went to the court of Dhiridrastra. Everybody except Kauravas did not respect Krsna’s arrival. They did not raise when Krsna entered the Court. Krsna then kept a hard step on the court which made all the Kauravas to stand and bend towards Krsna’s arrival.

· Krsna’s Speech – Krsna introduced himself as a messenger for Pandavas. He asked for the land for Pandavas. They denied. Then, Krsna asked atleast a five villages. They again denied. Kauravas made a well beneath Krsna’s seat to kill him. Knowing that, Krsna took Vishwaroopam and confirmed about the war to Kauravas.

· Vidura’s wife – Vidura was shocked to see his wife giving the skin of peeled banana instead of fruit to Krsna. He scolded her of her doing. But Krsna denied that out of compassion she was doing that and blessed the couple.

· Krsna on Pandavas side – The war was in progress while Arjuna and Duryodhana went to Dwaraka to seek him from Krsna. Krsna was sleeping. Arjuna sat in Krsna’s feet side and Duryodhana beside Krsna’s head. Eventhough, Arjuna came late Krsna saw Arjuna first and enquired about him. Duryodhana got enraged. Krsna convinced him and asked the purpose of visit. Krsna hearing that told to both of them opting for two decisions. One is Lord Krsna without any arms during the war and other is Krsna’s army. Duryodhana preferred Krsna’s army whereas Arjuna preferred Lord Krsna to become his charioteer. Arjuna knew that Lord Krsna is the Lord of Universe and asked for Krsna alone to be his side.

· Karna’s boon to Mother Kunti – Krsna knew that Karna would easily defeat Pandavas. So he told the secret to Kunti that Karna is his son. He also asked Kunti to ask two boons from Karna stating that only once the Nagastra will be used in war and he would not kill any of the Pandavas. But Karna replied that he would kill only Arjuna among the Pandavas. Kunti felt sad and told this to Krsna.

· The day for war – Nakul and Sahadev were good at astronomy. So, Duryodhana asked them a date in which Kauravas will win if they start the war puja. The Aswin brothers told that if one starts the war puja on Ammavasya, they would win. Hearing this Krsna thought of a plan.

· Krsna started the puja – Krsna immediately asked Pandavas to start war puja one day before Ammavasya. Pandavas were doing so. Meanwhile, Krsna did Ammavasya rites to his ancestors on the river bank. Seeing this the Sun God and Moon God came before Krsna and told that the day is not Ammavasya. But Krsna cleverly told that Ammavasya is the day where the Sun God and the Moon God meet face to face and they were meeting now. It became Ammavasya and Lord Krsna showed the success way to Pandavas.

· Krsna as a eunuch – There was another way of success to Pandavas. It was stated that if a person who has all the 63 masculine qualities was given as a sacrifice, that side would win the battle. They were only two people that time, one is Lord Krsna himself and another is Arjuna’s son Arvan Swamy, who is the son of Snake princes Ullippi. Arvan decided to sacrifice him for Pandavas. But he had a desire that he should live atleast one day as a married man. No women accepted to marry Arvan. Then, Lord Krsna himself took Mohini form and married Arvan. Later Arvan was sacrified and Krsna wore a mourning robes of a widow.

Timeline of Krsna – Krsna Lila at 84 to 125 Years at Kurukshetra

Arjuna’s sorrow – Krsna became charioter for Arjuna. Hanuman was in the top of Arjuna’s chariot as a flag. Krsna was asked to move the chariot in front of the warfield to view all the kith and kin. When he saw his own teacher Drona, beloved Bheema, his cousins Kauravas, he felt dejected and decided not to war against them. He put down his mighty Gandiva and surrendered to Lord Krsna.
Bhagavad Gita – Krsna then spoke to Partha about all the human beings, how it came into existence, cycles of birth and death, duties of every being, soul transmigration, about various karmas, various gunas, various Dharmas and classification of Life.
Teachings of Krsna on Karma Yoga – Karma Yoga is Yoga for Action. Krsna says that one should do all his duties and work by thinking God, Offering to God and should not wish for the result. Krsna also told that doing duty without attachment and without expecting results and Surrendering everything to Lord Krsna.
Teachings of Krsna on Dhyana Yoga – Dhyana Yoga is Yoga for Meditation. It is for study of mind and its control. The practice of Meditation and Concentration. Krsna says about the various exercises like Pranayama, Asana, Samadhi, Dhyana and also about contolling senses, mind, body, breath. One who does according to Gita Scriptures, he can become a Yogi.
Teachings of Krsna on Bhakti Yoga – Yoga for Devotion. Krsna says this Yoga is mainly meant for Kali Yug. Bhak ti Yoga creates devotion towards Lord and detachments towards worldly pleasures. Gita teaches that how a man can peacefully with live family aswell as think God constantly. Bhakti Yoga teaches one to leave all the pleasures, hates none, be friend to all and constant think of Lord Krsna. Bhatki can be towards Lord in any of the forms like Sakhya ( God as a friend), Madurya (God as a Lover), Dasya (God as a Master), Santa (God as peace), Vatsalya (God as a mother). It depicts the Gunas and many devotees have taken their own Bhakti way to approach Lord. Finally, constant chanting of Lord’s name, singing his glories, praising his deeds, constant thinking of Lord, doing service to Lord, worship of Lord, offering to Lord and finally the self surrender to Lord.
Teachings of Krsna on Jnana Yoga – Yoga of Knowledge. Krsna says attaining Jnana Yoga is obtained by constant practice and faith towards Lord. One can easily distinguish between the real and unreal. He realizes the Absolute Truth and the Brahman. He reaches the highest form of Spirituality and reaches the Supreme Personality of Godhead that is none other than Lord Krsna.
Krsna in all Krsna told that all the beings he created whether life or non-life, it is surrendered to Lord Krsna himself. He told where he dwells in each species. He told him to do the duty.
Viswaroopa Krsna – Krsna took a huge form to show Arjuna that he prevades all. Only Learned wise men could see that beautiful form.
Arjuna’s energy – Arjuna then realized his mighty energy and addressed Krsna as his dearmost friend Keshava and took his Gandiva. Krsna started blowing his conch Panchajanya to commence the greatest war of Dharma.

Timeline of Krsna – Krsna Lila at Dharma Yudham at Kurukshetra

· Kurukshetra – The war between Dharma and ADharma began on Tuesday on Bharani Star.

· Lord Krsna against Bhisma – Krsna found that Pandavas were struggling against Bhisma’s fight. Bhisma started against Arjuna with hundreds of arrows. Krsna got enraged and jumped out of the chariot, took a broken wheel and started pouncing against Bhisma inorder to save Arjuna. Bhisma seeing the Lord approaching, bowed his head towards him. Everyone could see the Lord in anger with his blueish body and yellow garments waving against the gentle breeze. Arjuna immediately rushed towards Krsna and told about the vow that Krsna made. The vow of Krsna is that he would not take any weapons during the war. Bhisma knew this, he felt bad in making anger towards the Lord. He apologized to Krsna and left Arjuna’s place.

· Bhisma’s fall – Krsna knew that only one person can make Bhisma fall. He is none other than Shikandi. He was Amba in previous birth who took a vow in killing Bhisma. As Bhisma is a person whom the death will occur only if he wishes. Bhisma has got another vow that he will not fight against woman. Shikandi was the sterile son of King Draupada. So, Krsna made Shikandi, in front of Arjuna and asked Arjuna to strike arrows against Bhisma. When Bhisma saw Shikandi in Arjuna’s chariot, he knew the past birth of Shikandi who is Amba and put down his arrows. Arjuna’s arrows

Pierced his body and he lay down in the bed of arrows on the battle field. The fall of Bhisma was on tenth day.
· Slaying of Jayadratha – After the cruelsome death of his son Abhimanyu, Arjuna took a vow that he would kill Jayadratha within next day’s sunset or he would commit suicide. Jayadratha was saved by other Kauravas so that Arjuna will commit suicide which will benefit the Kauravas. Everybody, bodyguarded Jayadratha and Arjuna failed to kill Jayadratha. When it was about to set, Arjuna accepting his defeat tried to set fire himself. Everybody was looking at Arjuna and Pandavas were worried,but Kauravas including Jayadratha was very happyily standing for the funeral. Nobody knew that it was Krsna’s play. Krsna had set the sun set before the original hours through his Sudarshana Chakra. When Arjuna was about to get into the fire, Krsna shouted that it is all his play and he took back his Sudarshana Chakra which had covered the sun’s rays. Sun again raised and it was not set at that time as the day is not completed. Jayadratha started to flee from warfield, but Arjuna immediately took the Gandiva and stroke against Jayadratha. His head was cut and was thrown to his father’s lap who was doing tapas. Both the father and son got bursted in the ball of fire.
· Drona’s death – Drona was powefully fighting against Pandava army. Krsna thought of a plan. Lord Krsna knew that Drona is very much affectionate towards Ashwattama, his son. Meanwhile, Bhima killed Ashwattama an elephant in the battlefield. He was shouting that he had killed Ashwattama. Hearing this, Drona was grief sticken and confirmed the news from Yudhistra who is the person who always speaks truth. Krsna asked Yudhistra to play a trick. He told to tell Yudhistra in such a way that the truth will remain. Yudhistra told that Ashwattama, the elephant got killed. But he told the word elephant in a low tone as Drona could not hear. Drona thought that his beloved son is dead. He put his weapons down and started to meditate. Seeing this, Dristhtadyuma, son of King Draupada, cut of his head with his sword. This Drona was killed on 12th Day.
· Krsna saved Arjuna from Nagastra – Arjuna was about to kill Karna. He was seaching him in the battlefield. Meanwhile, Karna’s son Vrishasena came on the way. Arjuna killed him. Seeing this, Karna started to fight against Arjuna. He took Nagastra to kill Arjuna. Seeing this, Krsna pressed the earth one and a half inch down which lead the chariot to sink on the ground. The Nagastra stuck the crown of Arjuna and he was saved by Krsna. He thanked Krsna for saving his life.
· Karna’s deeds – Arjuna started attacking Karna. Karna’s charioteer King Salya left the chariot and went back from the warfield fighting with Karna. His Chariot’s wheel got stuck on the sand. Karna got down and tried to pull it out. Krsna asked Arjuna to set arrow against Karna. But Arjuna denied that it is wrong to stuck arrow on a person who is not armed. Even Karna pleaded Arjuna not to shower arrows as he was not armed and he was engaged in taking the wheel out. But Krsna denied that this is the best chance where he could kill Karna. Krsna also pointed out Karna’s play during the game of dice, Draupadi’s grief, Abhimanyu’s death which made Karna feel shame. As a result of curse of ParasuRama, Karna could not remember the Brahmastra which he kept for killing Arjuna. Even though Arjuna was firing arrows at Karna, he did not fell dead. Krsna knew this as Karna was a real giver and the Dharmam and Dhaanam which he had made throughout his life is saving now. Krsna thought of a plan.
· Krsna in disgise as a Brahmin – Krsna went in disguise of a Brahmin and asked him boon. Karna told that except for his life nothing is present with him in the battlefield. Krsna asked for the good deeds (Dharmam and Dhaanam) which he had done throughout his life. Karna knew it was Lord Krsna and gave him his good deeds to Lord Krsna.
· Karna’s end – Lord Krsna now asked Arjuna to fire arrow against Karna. Arjuna did as Krsna told and Karna fell down dead. Lord Krsna praised Karna for his great deed. He also told everyone that Karna is the first brother of Pandavas. As Karna was dying he prayed to Lord Krsna that he should be taken to Vaikunta to serve the Lord. Lord Krsna accepted the wish of Maharathi Karna. Thus he was killed on fourteenth day.

Timeline of Krsna – Krsna Lila from 84 to 125 years Dharma Yuddham Ends

· Gandhari’s Grace – Duryodhana hid himself in the lake after hearing that all his brothers have been killed in the war. Kripa and Ashwattama adviced him that it is not proper of a great warrior to run away from battle. They asked him to meet Gandhari to seek her advice. Gandhari asked Duryodhana to take bath and come naked to her tent. So that with the help of her powerful eyes she would make his parts invincible which is hard to get affected by powerful blows of Bhima. This plot was known by Shri Krsna. He went and found Duryodhana entering Gandhari’s tent. He mocked at Duryodhana of his behaviour. He also told to cover the internal parts and his thigs. Duryodhana covered his thigs and internal parts and went to see his mother. When Gandhari opened her eyes, she could make invincible only the exposed parts. The thigs were not treated. She also scolded Duryodhana for not obeying her orders. Duryodhana then started fighting with Bhima.

· Duryodhana’s End – They both fought for many hours. When Lord Krsna hinted Bhima to hit him in the thigs. Bhima did and Duryodhana fell on ground. Duryodhana also told that it is not proper to hit a person with a mace on the thigs. It is against the rule. But Lord Krsna spoke that the cheatings and harmful activities done to pandavas by Duryodhana like Draupadi’s grief, killing Bhima in the pond, killing Pandavas in the lac palace, Game of Dice, Abhimanyu’s death. Duryodhana then died of pain. All the warriors were respectfully cremated by the Pandavas.

· Aswattama’s Astra – Ashwattama killed all the sons of Pandavas when they were sleeping during night. Draupadi asked Arjuna to fight against him. Arjuna and Lord Krsna set out in search of Ashwattama. They found him fleeing. Ashwattama could not run out of their sight, so he set out Brahmastra, which he does not know to take back. Arjuna asked Krsna for help. Lord Krsna told to send Brahmastra to overcome this. When both the astras were fighting, the whole world got heated up. Arjuna then took back the Astras and got Ashwattama to Draupadi.

· Ashwattama’s Gem – Draupadi told not to kill a Brahmana, Ashwattama. Instead as suggested by Lord Krsna she asked Arjuna to remove the Gem from his head. It is equivalent to Ashwattama’s life. Bhima also accepted with other Pandavas. Ashwattama’s gem was removed and he was set free.

· Yudhistra’s Coronation – With the blessings of Lord Krsna, Yudhistra was coronated as the King of Hastinapur and Indraprasta.

· Birth of Parikshith – When Lord Krsna was about to set out for Dwaraka, Uttara came running and pleaded the Lord to save her child from Aswattama’s Astra. Uttara is wife of Abhimanyu. Lord Krsna who is saviour of all and one who saves in times of Distress, he is also called as Achyuta took his Sudarshana Chakra, first saved the Pandavas from the Astra and then entered the womb of Uttara and saved the child with the help of Sudarshana Chakra. Everybody praised and Thanked Achyutha Kesava. Krsna then started towards his journey to Dwaraka.

Timeline of Krsna – Krsna Lila on 125 Years at Dwaraka

· Yadava’s curse – Krsna and Balarama ruled Dwaraka for ThirtySix Years Splendidly. The Yadava clan tried to play foul against a Sage pretending a male disgised in a pregnant female form. Knewing this, the Sage cursed that the child will be born as a irod rod out of the disguised woman. The child was born as a iron rod and the started to solute in sea waters. Then, the iron pieces grew to a iron grass and killed many of the Yadavas.

· Balarama returns Vaikunta – Lord Balarama sat under a tree in Yoga and attained Vaikunta. People watching him found AnantaSesha Snake coming out of his mouth and reached the Abode of Vaikunta.

· Krsna retuns to Vaikunta – Lord Krsna asked Arjuna to take Dwaraka Vasis to Mathura as Dwaraka will be submerging after Krsna’s death. Krsna then sat under a tree meditating. A hunter mistook Krsna’s foot as a deer and hit arrow. Lord Krsna after a very long service to humanity reached the Abode of Vaikunta.This hunter is named as Jara who was Vali in previous birth. As Lord Rama has killed Vali by hiding. Lord Rama accepted his fault and Vali took rebirth. It is also said that Gandhari cursed Krsna because she had lost her hundred sons. Lord Krsna accepted with a smile.According to researchers, Lord Krsna disappeared on 18th February 3102 BC 2:20 P.M. Lord Krsna taught the World Bhakti, Dhyana, Jnana, Karma Yoga. He also gave the greatest Book Bhagavad Gita. He saved the World from crisis. Hare Krsna!


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