SriSri Radha Damodarji at Sri Radha Kund

Today had a wonderful dream….we were at SriSri Radha Damodarji temple at Sri Radha Kund…and there was abhishek going on…there was festivals at all temples in Radhakund and special devotees were singing bhajans….at one place I saw Sri Madan Mohan Babaji singing bhajan…and we were asked to go to SriSri Radha Damodarji temple to participate in festival. There we went in and sat inside the temple…of course a very nice and simple temple with Thakurji on altar outside….devotees sitting in rows taking darshan….awaiting for abhishek to start…on left side a bhajan mandali and a Vrajvasi devotee singing bhajans in a slow high pitch tone….somehow I saw the pujari Prabhu and talked to him…I had seen his pictures on internet…he talked to me nicely and told me that I should do abhishek….I was waiting…kirtan was going on and then pujari Prabhu came to give me maha from Thakurji’s plate….he made me take a big bite into the rice mound…..during which time the abhishek started but somehow I could not get to do the abhishek…Thakurji was about 2 ft tall…Shyamsundarji and Radharani….and I was busy talking with other devotees and never went for abhishek…then I saw neem Thakurji with yellowish complexion and Radharani with big bindi…abhishek (and pooja) being performed…now ladies are doing it so obviously my turn was gone…so I approached pujariji and he gave me big bites of maha from bhoga place…I remember gulab jamuns and kala jamuns…rice…and pujariji told another pujariji to take me inside make me do abhishek of Lord Shiva as I had missed to do abhishek on SriSri Radha Damodarji….I also saw the temple altar from inside, a very simple one (like Gita Nagari altar for SriSri Radha Damodarji Sri Lalita Sakhi Sri Vishakha Sakhi in old temple)….and devotees doing bhajan…pujari Prabhu giving a very short talk. My dream broke at this point…..I dont know how much would coincide with reality…as I have never been to SriSri Radha Damodarji temple in Sri Radha Kund but always wanted to go…I have seen pictures…probably I was mixing few things together in the dream….but am feeling very happy and fortunate to have this dream….SriSri Radha Kund Shyam Kund ki Jai !!! SriSri Radha Damodarji Sri Lalita Sakhi Sri Vishakha Sakhi ki Jai !!! SriSri Vrindavan Dham ki jai !!! Sri Vraj raj ki Jai !!! Sri Vraj vasi jan ki Jai !!! Sri Gita Nagari dham ki Jai !!!! Gaur Premanandi Hari Bol !!!!!


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