Ma Jhanava

Once Sri Rmi Thkur[1] had joyously asked Mother Jhnab about the manjaris. The Holy Mother had answered
shrimotir shom shobe deho bhed mtro,
ek prn ek tm shobe rdh-tantra.
sambhoger kale duhu nanda uls,
rdhnge pulok bhb sakhite proksh.
joto shukh py brishabhnu-nandini
tnr sapta gun such swde shongini.
kon chhole ek shonge sakhire mily,
shey nanda dekhi shuni koti shukh py.
ei to nishkm prem swdon kore,
shuddha porokiy bhbe shodi bihore.

The manjaris relish seven times more joy than that enjoyed by Vrishabhnu-nandini Sri Rdh. Under some or the other pretext they unite Sri Rdh with Sri Krishna; this makes their Ishwari very happy. When they behold Her joy, their bliss increases manifold. This is the way in which the manjaris relish pure love that is free from lust, and they always float joyously in pure parakiy bhv. – (6th ch, Murali-Vils)

[1] Mother Jhnabs adopted son


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