Sri Gopal – The Supreme Thief

Sri Gopal – The Supreme Thief

"Those who are such dear devotees completely surrendered at the lotus feet of Krsna with love. They offer their prayers to that Krsna. Please take away everything from me, you are such a great thief, supreme thief. He is the leader of the thieves. Krsna is supreme in all respect. Isn’t it? So in stealing business He is also supreme. You are famous as a great thief in Brajabhumi. You are a butter thief. In all houses of all the gopis you are stealing butter. So you are famous in Vrajabhumi as such a thief. You have also stolen the garments of gopis. Those who take shelter at Your lotus feet, You steal their sinful reactions accumulated for innumerable lives. You are such a thief. I pay my obeisances to such a supreme thief. You have stolen the heart of Radharani. You have stolen the bluishness from the cloud, shyam. You steal everything from those devotees who take complete shelter at your lotus feet, you steal everything from them… It’s better, let Him steal. Steal me completely. That is our prayer. Why allow maya to steal you? Pray to Krsna. Beg mercy of Krsna to steal you completely. Such a devotee says, “Oh Supreme thief, Oh Krsna. You have stolen everything from me. Wealth, prestige, senses, life everything you have stolen. Now you are running away. Such a thief stealing everything now you are running away. No, I catch You now. I catch hold of You now. You cannot run away. Now I will bind You up with this rope of love.”

– Srila Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja


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