Secret very old Krishna Deity called Hardeoji

During the time of Muslim invasion, especially by Aurenzeg, in Mathura many Krishna deities were taken away by goswamis, priests, devotees and kings from Mathura and Vrindavan to different parts of northern India to protect them from atrocities of these Muslim invaders. One such Krishna diety which is dated to be very very old called Shri Hardeoji was taken away by the then serving goswami to a village called Bhadauli in Auraiya district (near Kanpur) in Uttar Pradesh. This deity (Krishna Vigrah) is as important to Vaisnavs and devotees as Govindeoji or Madan Mohan of Jaipur or Sakshi Gopal of Orissa. Very few people know about it. The village where Hardeoji (Krishna) has chosen to go could not be an ordinary place. It is like a secret Vrindavan where Lord has made his abode. This could be only realized and felt by making visit to this village. There is a strange divinity in the atmosphere of this village. All through the journey, one would feel the supernatural force accompanying to this secret divine place in Uttar Pradesh. There are several pastimes that Lord has performed ever since he came to this place. One could hear all these from the local people residing there. There is also a divine pond in this village called "Mansi Kund". The mundane eye would observe it as an ordinary pond full of dirt and mud, but a drop of aachman from it would instantly give the taste of alixir (amrit). The divine and strange beauty of Lord Hardeoji could be cherished only by seeing it. One would feel strange vibrations on seeing this divine form of Lord Hardeoji.


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