Sri Gaurangdas Babaji Maharaj – each tree in Sri Vrindavan dham is a kalpataru tree

Baba continued, “Listen and I will give you an example. A young boy, aspiring after the darshan of Krisha, renounced the world and came to Vrindavan. Although he was from a high class family and was brought up in the lap of luxury, he became a Babaji and lived in utter seclusion in the forests and practised bhajana thoughout the day. Only once in the evening he would go out into a nearby village for madhukari. He roamed half-naked, wearing only a loin cloth made of gunny. One winter morning when the weather was drizzly, he began to shiver with cold. Since there was no other shelter in the forest, he sat inside the hollow of an old tree and began to meditate on Krishna, shedding tears in His remembrance. After some time passed he heard a voice coming from another tree in front of him. That tree said to the tree in which Baba was hiding, “Look, a mahatma has taken shelter of you. Grant him your mercy.’

‘Why don’t you grant him your mercy?’ replied the other tree.

Sidhdha Gouranga Das Babaji’s Asram
“Then from the tree in front a peacock flew down and stood before Baba with it’s tail unfurled. Then another peacock flew down, and another, till a semi-circle of peacocks was formed around Baba. And the next moment he saw standing before him in the midst of the peacocks Sri Krishna Himself, with a peacock feather in his crown, the flute held in His hands near His mouth and a bewitching smile on His lips.”… Gauranga Das Babaji did not name the young Baba who was thus blessed with the vision of Sri Krishna by the mercy of the kalpatarus of Vrindavan. But as I came to know later, the story related to none other than himself.”Among Sri Gauranga Das Babaji Maharajs disciples is Dr. OBL Kapoor, the writer of Saints of Bengal, Saints of Vraja, and The Life of Love, the English translation of Boro Babaji´s biography, and other books. On the day OBL Kapoor first met Baba, Baba gave him some special advice. Dr. Kapoor writes in Saints of Bengal:

"Gesturing towards the neem trees of his ashram, he said, “If there is anything that afflicts you, do not worry. Go and tell your tale to a kalpataru over there. Every tree in Vrindavan is a kalpataru. If you embrace it and speak your heart to it, it listens and helps. There is nothing it cannot help you with. It can even present you the most cherished objects of your heart – Radha and Krishna, if you so desire.”


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