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Some devotees of Bihariji are so fortunate that they get real experience of His kripa. One such bhakt was Binduji. Everyday Binduji would go to Bihariji’s temple and sing a new pada for Him.This was his humble sewa everyday. He could feel that Bihari ji used to listen to his composition very lovingly and affectionately. All the composition came out of his mouth automatically as if Bihariji himself was singing in his place.

One day Bindu ji got high fever with a body ache. He could barely get up to go to the temple. He was taken good care of by his loving disciples who had got ayurvedic medicines for him. After three days his fever had come down but he still felt very weak .He told his disciples that he will somehow manage to go to the temple and with their help he reached the premises of the temple but was feeling very tired and uncomfortable. It was the first time that he was not able to compose a new poem for Bihariji though he tried to write one on a paper also before reciting it, but was not successful in his pursuit..He had brought his old bed sheet which was smeared by the Brij dust. He had folded it and was holding it in his hand. Now he covered himself with the sheet and had tears in his eyes and went on staring at Bihariji for a long time. Since he could not think of a single line , he decided to go back to his ashram. He told his disciples to take him back and again looked at Bihariji for a last glance. As he was looking without a blink of the eye, he heard the tinkling sound of nupur. He had never heard such a lovely vibrating musical sound so he stopped to see where it was coming from. The scene he saw now was like a dream. He saw the nij mahal of Bihariji in which there was a beautifully decorated throne studded by precious gems and stones. Both the divine couple were seated on it and were surrounded by millions of sakhi’s .Suddenly Bihariji stood up in front of him and said – “Won’t you recite a new pada for us today?” Thakurji’s voice was so tender and soft and enchanting that it came right inside his whole being. It touched his heart which skipped so many beats. He was in a high state of ecstasy. As he was watching this in flabbergasting condition, he heard the same magnanimous voice again and then he saw Bihariji holding one corner of his sheet – “please recite one poem for Me only”.

Binduji did not know what was happening. Was this a dream? He could not make out whether it was real darshan or a dream. He was completely at a loss and forgot himself. Suddenly he felt he was fit and all his weakness had disappeared. As he stood in front of Bihariji, his eyes were full of tears, his voice was choking with love, his heart was skipping beats due to excitement of Bihariji’s compassion for him, he was reciting poems for Bihariji. Suddenly everyone’s eyes turned towards Bindu ji who was singing so melodiously with joy and his voice was echoing in the mandir.

Kripa ki na hothi jo aadat tumahari,
Tou suni hi rahti adaalat tumhari,
Garibon ke dil mein jagha tum naa paate
Tou kis dil mein hothi hifaazat tumhari.


Sri Bihariji – KANGAN (Bangle)

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Sometimes Bihariji shows His kripa on His devotees even by selling His jewllery. This is another such experience of a bhakt who was a halwai opposite to Bihariji’s mandir. Every day he would go home late after the shayan aarti when Bihariji is put to sleep .Some 60 years ago very few people used to go to Vrindavan. As soon as the last aarti used to be over there would be absolute salience and not a single person was seen within minutes. All the shops used to be closed too within a short time. The halwais however were the last to go home as they had to wash their utensils in which they had boiled the milk which was a delicacy of the people visiting the temple. One evening when the halwai was busy with his hands making laddoos, he suddenly saw a boy of about 7 years of age coming towards his shop. The boy was dressed up as though he was a son of a rich merchant. There was something unusual about him which he could not make out at that time. All he felt was that this little boy was very charming who enchanted him

He looked up and said Lala what do you want? The boy pointed his fingers towards the laddoos he was making and said – “bhaiya can you give me some laddoos?” The halwai was so charmed by this little boy and handed him laddoos and jokingly said where is the money? The little boy looked at him closing his eyes and then said here you take this. Before the halwai could see what he gave him, the boy vanished in the dark night. The halwai was astonished to see that he had handed him a very valuable bangle, a kangan. The halwai askd his servants to look for the boy so that he could return it back to him but he was nowhere to be seen. The halwai was already getting late to go home and he thought may be he was the son of a rich devotees. He hoped that his parents will enquire about the valuable kangan and he will bring hem to his shop and he will return it back to them. He was wishing and praying that he would come again so that he could see his charming face again.

Next morning he came to his shop at his usual time. After doing his pooja in the shop he was waiting for customers to take sweets from his shop. The bhandari of the mandir who was very jovial and chirpy by nature came with a long worried look. The halwai asked him, what the matter one and he replied I don’t know how any one is capable of stealing Bihariji’s kangan. Actually this bhandari was on duty as a security person. When the mandir opened, gosain ji found that one of the kangan was missing. The bhadari was being blamed for lack of responsibility. When he was narrating his story the halwai who had tears in his eyes started sobbing. The bhandari was now surprised as to why he was crying and asked him what the matter was. The halwai in a voice choked with love came into a devotional state and in a faltering language tried to tell him something but was unable to speak. The bhandari got worried and thought that the halwai is having a serious problem pertaining to his health. However in a few minutes the halwai became normal and took out the kangan from his money box and asked im if it was the same kangan he was talking about. The bhandari was only too pleased to find the kangan back and asked him how he got it. The halwai told the bhandari all that had happened the previous evening with tears in his eyes that he failed to recognize Bihariji who had come to his shop asking him to give Him laddoos. However he felt blessed that Bihariji out of all other sweet meat shops had come to his shop to bless him.

Sri Bihariji – PAUSHAAK (dress/ outfit)

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Bihariji is least bothered whether a person is rich or poor. He sees only the devotion of his bhakts. About 60 years ago there was a devotee of Bihariji whose name was Vimla. She had heard many stories about Bihariji and therefore she developed a lot of faith and devotion for Him. Whenever she could get a chance to visit Vrindavan , she would come and stand for hours before Him, talk to Him , and went on looking at His beautiful large eyes. She knew how to stich clothes and made up her mind to stich one for Bihariji. Since sharad purnima was approaching she decided to make a dress or paushaak for that occasion. Now she went back home to Punjab and told her parents about her mission to stich a dress for Bihariji and they helped her in choosing a good dress material of white, because that is what is worn on sharad purnima. She stitched the paushak with utter devotion, always humming Bihariji’s bhajan’s while stitching it and always washing her hands before starting. At last the paushak was ready and she was imagining how elegant Bhariji will look when He wears this paushaak. One day before sharad poornima she came to Vrindavan and handed over the dress to gosainji on seva. Gosain ji took her paushak but told her that the king of Datia had also brought a white paushaak for Bihariji and that will be only used for this great day. This paushaak brought by the king was very valuable and was studded by precious beads and gold zari along with matching jewlery. Vimla’s paushak was comparatively very simple. On hearing that her paushak will not be worn by Bihariji, she felt very sad and hurt, but could not do anything about it. All her dreams were shattered and nobody could imagine the pangs of her mind. With tears in her eyes she came out of the temple and went to the ashram where she had halted during her stay in Vrindavan.

The king of Datya was highly puffed up that he had brought such a costly pauhaak which no one till that had brought. He had told his tailor, that the paushaak should be so elegant that people who saw it on Bihariji should never forget that the kng of Datya had brought such a precious paushak. As he was waiting for the opening of the temple he was full of highly haughty ideas as to how the devotees are going to react on seeing such a grand paushaak and they will not lift their eyes and will keep on looking at the paushak.

Inside the temple the gosain ji after doing the abhishek of Bihariji with rose water and other perfumed ittars, was trying to put on the dress, but the dress turned out be too tight. He was unable to put it on and a little bit was torn in that process. He was sweating all over and did not know what to do. After a futile try of more than an hour he was left with no other choice but to put on the dress stitched by affectionately by Vimla,

The temple was open for the public a little late and the king of Datiya was anxiously waiting to see his paushak on Bihariji. The curtain opened and his face became red in anger at not seeing the paushak brought by him. He came and asked gosain ji why his dress has not been worn by Bihariji. Gosainji told him the whole incident that it did not fit him. He looked scornfully at his servants who had come with him, but was told by gosain ji that , it was no fault of there’s. Its Bihariji’s desire to wear the dress brought by a humble devotee who did not have any pride that it was costly, and asked the king of Datiya to ask forgiveness from Bihariji.

In a short while Vimla entered the temple and immediately recognized the paushaak stitched by her on Bihariji. She could not believe it that the dress would look so elegant on him. She went on looking at Bihariji with tears in her eyes because Bihariji had shown her how much he cared for the sentiments of devotees. The king who was watching Vimla who was lovingly looking at Biharij realized his mistake. He could feel that he lacked in bhava bhakti which Vimla had in plenty and bowed at Bihariji asking him to forgive him for his pride and haughty behavior. Vimla was overjoyed to see Bihari’s kripa on her. As she looked at Him she could feel a smile on Bihariji’s face.
Such are the ways of Bihariji who sees only devotion and love and not riches or position of a person.


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Once there was a boy called Bhola, who lost his parents when he was very small so he was brought up by his elder sisters. From childhood he was very dumb and had no interest in studies nor doing any work properly. After the sisters got married he was sent to his tai’s home. She was a very nice lady who treated him just like her son, but in no time she also got fed up with his casual attitude. He was otherwise not a bad guy but he was not worldly. He also felt miserable that he could not come up to the expectations of those who were concerned about him and his future. He did his best but somehow every thing turned the opposite so he thought that he is a misfit in this world and had heard of Haridwar where people could easily lead a life of begging. Therefore he somehow came to Delhi as he had heard that one can take the train from Delhi to reach Haridwar. He asked many people at the station including porters etc but no body had the time or interest to tell him as to which train goes to Haridwar. He got very tired of asking and at last found a bench to sit on and sat there wondering what to do. Through tears flowing from his eyes he felt the soft touch of a small boy and looked up to see who it was. The small boy asked him why are you crying my friend and he told him his problem that he wants to board a train for Haridwar but no one is helping him. The little boy said, oh I am also going to Haridwar you can come with me. He pointed out at the train halting at the same platform and before he could answer his proposal, he took his hand and pushed him in the train and followed him. There was a large crowd but luckily they got a seat together. In a short while the train puffed out of Delhi station and was running at a great speed. It must have been a little more than an hour that the ticket checker came to check the tickets of the passengers. The small boy looked at him and asked him if he had a ticket which he didn’t and said don’t worry, even I don’t have one. Suddenly the train halted and the little boy held his hand and pulled him out saying I am in no mood to go to jail so quick jump out. Before he could think anything, he was out of the train which was waiting for the green signal. Both of them ran and entered inside the sugar cane field
and reach a place where an old lady was making chapatis on a mud chullha. The little boy said Mayia can you give us water to drink ? The lady said, why not my dear children ? you can also eat my humble food which I am cooking. Both were very hungry and readily accepted the offer. When they had finished Bhola asked the old lady – Mayia, how far is Haridwar from here ? She looked at him with wonder and said, what? Haridwar !! You are at the moment in Brij dham which is on the opposite direction of Haridwar. Bhola gave a scornful look at the small boy who was smiling and said, friend don’t worry I have brought to you to your right destination. Bhola had no choice but to accept the situation and left on him to take him wherever he wanted. He held and started walking till they reached Mathura railway junction. He pointed out at a train standing on the platform and said that train is known as Radha rani express. Go and sleep in it and you will reach Vrindavan where I will meet you in the morning. Before he could ask further questions the queer boy just vanished in the dark evening of winter saying I have some urgent work to do so I am going and will meet you in Vrindavan tomorrow. Bhola looked here and there as if he was in a dream and went inside the empty train and went off to sleep. In the morning he was woken up by the noise of passengers who were boarding it to go to Vrindavan. He sat down and in a few minutes he heard some one asking him to get down as it was the last station. When he got down, he enquired which station it was, he was told it was Vrindavan. Now he started looking for the boy who had promised to meet him in Vrindavan but he was no where to be seen. There were many beggars and saints in orange robes who were using the public facilities of the Vrindavan station so he also went there to wash his face . There he met another beggar who could guess that he was new to this place so told him – friend don’t worry. As long as you have not come here to make a fortune, you will not starve here. He invited him to go with him to the dharamshalla where he was staying and told him to stand in the line where hot khichri will be served to all. As he stood in the queue a girl came and asked him – Are you new to this place ? He nodded saying yes, and she said since it is your first day here you can come right in front. Surprisingly nobody standing in the queue objected to this and she made him stand right in front. After a while some people of the ashram brought steaming hot khichri and bhola realized that every one had a plate or a bowl to put the khichri but he did not have any container to put the hot khichri. He was thinking what to do and was contemplating on that when the same girl came and handed him a thali or a plate. The person serving khichri announced his presence so he started receiving the khichri when that girl said this thali has been sent to you by the same boy who brought you here. After taking the khichri he looked back to ask the girl where is that boy who brought me here? He saw no one. The girl had vanished out of sight though he looked every where. He asked many people if they had seen the girl in blue sari who had handed him the thali but no body else had seen her. She was no one other than Radhaji and the boy who had brought him here to Vrindavan was Bihariji. Bhola is now an old man. Day and night he chants the yugal name and is still looking for that wonderful boy who had brought him here. He tells his story to any one who he feels is a devotee of Bihariji.


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One never knows when Bhariji bestows His blessing and kripa on a bhagat. One must always have faith that if we love Him so much, then how long can He stay away from us. A very pious and devoted couple used to visit Vrindavan quite often. Once they decided to do the parikamya of Vrindavan and started it early in the morning. When they came near the Kalia dhah , they saw some cows with the cowherd boys. Both looked at each other and both had the same bhava that Krishna also used to take the cows for grazing like this. With such feelings they proceeded further and found that one of the cowherd boy was following them. They thought may be he is also doing parikmaya and ignored him. By afternoon they felt hungry so they took out their packed lunch of two prantha’s each and started eating them. Suddenly they saw the same cowherd boy sitting at a close distance looking at them. Since the food was just enough for them, they could not offer any to him, they wished that they had had more so that they could have shared some with him also. However they ate what ever they had and went off to sleep before proceeding further. Hardly they must have dosed off when Bihariji came in the man’s dream complaining to him why he did not offer any food to Him. He said am I not giving you company by walking with you in your parikamya? You didn’t have the courtsey even to offer Me some food even as a formality. The husband woke up his wife and told her of his dream, but the wife was astonished because she too had got a similar dream. Now both of them were repenting why they did not offered food to that Cowherd Boy. Then they decided that they will offer some prasad in Bihariji’s temple. After completing their parikamya , they went to Bihariji’s temple with a plate of bananas and were giving it to the gosainji to offer it to Bihariji. At that moment a small boy came and snatched the plate from them, came back giving the rest of the prasad and said Bihariji has now accepted your prasad. This happened in a flash of a second. All they remember is that it was the same cowherd boy who had followed them. They looked for Him to come out of the temple but He had vanished. They enquired from the gosain ji who was on seva and he told them there was no such boy of that description with them that day. The couple felt blessed by Bihariji’s kripa on them and were very grateful to Bihariji who took the pain of following them all through when they were circulating around Vrindavan.


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Swami Sri Hari Das ji says O Bihariji, whoever loves You sincerely, You love that devotee more than he does because You are so liberal in distributing Your love. You are not a miser like us. This is a story of a bhagat of Bihariji several years ago. There was a sethji who had ample wealth, fame, respect and above all a very devoted and sincere wife. The lord always deprives a person from some or other worldly pleasures and this seth ji was not having any child. That was the only thing he yearned for and many years passed by. One day he was so sad and upset and had tears in his eyes because he was invited to a birthday party of his friend’s son. He told his wife to go alone and sent her with the driver. However the friend came home personally and took him for his son’s party. The party went on till late at night and after thanking the hosts they were back on their way home. Suddenly a person standing in the middle of the road waved his hand to stop them. The wife told the driver to stop. Before seth ji could say anything further the wife allowed this person to sit in the car as he had said seth ji , I live near your house so please give a lift to me as I am not getting any transport at this hour of the night. The husband gave a dirty look at his wife and soon the stranger got down a little before their home. He went on grumbling and shouted at his wife why she had allowed a stranger to take lift in their car when she knew so many cheats, crooks and robbers are active in this age of kali yuga. The wife calmed him down by saying all people are not same.
The next day when sethji came back from his work , he found the same guy who had taken lift last evening drinking tea with his wife. He got very furious and gave him a stare which would have embarrassed any one that he is not welcomed in the house. After he finished the tea , he went away, husband gave a long lecture to his wife because he was angry that she did not discourage him, instead offered him tea. The wife gently explained to him that just because he is not rich like us you are behaving like this with him. In case you get lost somewhere you will not bother to ask the way from a rich or poor man. She told him that he had come to thank us for helping him in the middle of the night.

The next day to the annoyance of the seth that fellow reached his office and complained to him that it is not fair that you suspected your wife with any kind of relation with me and told her that she was a very pious lady and a devi. The seth thought my wife must have said something to him otherwise how would he know that I scolded her. Inspite of that he asked him to sit down and saw him carefully and was attracted towards him. He wanted to know his name but he did not tell, saying sahib who cares for poor people’s name. Nor did he tell where he lived. After this he did not come for more than a fortnight. The seth was somehow missing him and wished that he would come. When he suddenly appeared on the 16th day , seth ji was overjoyed but was wandering why should he be delighted to see him. There must be something in him that we both husband wife are attached to him. As soon as he comfortably sat before seth ji , he handed him three tickets of Mathura and said tomorrow we are going to Vrindavan. Both of you be ready . I will go with you and introduce you to my Banke Bihariji.

When the seth went home and told this to his wife, she was delighted because she had always wanted to go there but her husband was too busy to take her there. The next morning the three of them started off to their journey to Vrindavan. They went up to Mathura by train. From there they took a tanga and were soon at Bihariji’s temple. The stranger told them. See this is my Bihariji. Now look into His eyes and ask Him to bless you with a child. Now I have done my job of introducing you to Him and now it is in your interest to ask Him what you want. That’s a promise that your desire will be fulfilled. Both of them with folded hands closed their eyes and prayed to Him. They were lost in this beautiful site of Bihariji who seemed to be smiling at them, in the same way that stranger had smiled when he had asked for a lift in their car. The wife had tears in her eyes and suddenly she was flabbergasted by what she saw. Bihariji appeared in the form of that stranger. She looked behind her but the stranger was no where to be seen. They looked for him in the whole of Vrindavan but he was not to be found. Finally they came back home and in due course they were blessed by a son, Sethji wanted to meet and thank the stranger who never came back ever making them wander if it was Bihariji himself…..


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By birth Noor Mohammad was a Muslim but those people who are true bhagts of the almighty seek Him every where no matter which religion because they know that there is only and only one God having different names. Noor md was a very pious soul and used to feel very upset when the people fought on the basis of religion. He used to feel how can the people be divided when the nature does not divide them. The nature had never discriminated that it will not give any sun or wind to a particular group of people. He always sat in the company of fakirs and saints but was sad that they also were not so secular in their beliefs. After roaming here and there for years he came to Vrindavan dham. He found an invisible peace here and was watching the rays of the sun spreading their golden streaks on river Yamuna and he heard a very rhythmic song being sung somewhere around. He looked here and there and started going towards the direction from where such a melodious song was being sung. Soon he reached a thatched roof kutia and was spellbound by the song. He entered the hut without any permission of the owner. There he saw an old saint who was smeared in the mud of Brij bhoomi and was singing in full bhav. Noor md asked the saint, baba what are you singing? The saint stopped singing and made a jester to him to sit down. He then explained the verse he was singing. It meant – there is no barrier between any caste, religion, language or creed in the prem bhakti of Swami Sri Haridas. Then the baba started singing the next pada which meant we are in Vrindavanand Vrindavan is in my heart.
Noor md was enchanted by all the padas sung by the saint asked him, baba for whom are you singing this melodious song? The baba replied I am singing this for my Shyama Shyam.
Noor md—Is He only yours ?
Baba—He is every ones. He and swamiji have the same swaroop.
Noor md—- What is the swaroop of swamiji ?
Baba—-His swaroop is prem swaroop which is very very pure where there is no place for any worldly attachments.
Noor md—- All attachments ?
Baba—-His swaroop is prem swaroop which is very very pure where there is no place for any worldly attachments.
Noor md—- All attachments ?
Baba—– yes all attachments of caste, color, creed , language, religion, culture, pure, impure, auspicious, inauspicious etc. He is above all these and lives in the land of prem only. He is above the Maya as well.
Noor md— Who can reach His kingdom?
Baba—- Any one who seeks Him. Have you ever been to Bihariji’s temple?
Noor md—- No, but if He is above Maya ,then how can he have a form ?
Baba—- Do you ever feel thirsty?
Noor md – Of course I do when I’m thirsty.
Baba — then do you drink water ?
Noor md —-yes maharaj.
Baba— Is you thirst quenched ?
Noor md—- Why not? sure it is.
Baba—- Is there any form of your quench or tripiti?
Noor md—- no maharaj. But I have understood what you are trying to make me realize. I will go to Bihariji’s temple to quench my thirst.

Next morning Noor md went to Bihariji’s temple but was not allowed to enter being a non Hindu. He tried to convince the guards but they were very adamant in not letting him in. So he came and sat on the back side of the temple and vowed not to open his eyes till Bihariji gave him his darshan. After the night aarti the temple closed and within minutes not a soul was left but Noor md kept on waiting with his closed eyes. Sometime at about mid night he could feel a soft gentle hand moving on his cheeks and then chin. He could hear a lovely enchanting voice saying, please accept his milk bhath. Bihariji has sent it for you. With his eyes still closed he complained to him .Why is he sending me food now, first he stopped me from entering the temple and now he is sending food for me? I don’t want it. I will eat or drink only when I see his enchanting face. It was no other than Bihariji himself who had come to give him the maha prasad of milk bhaat. Smilingly He said, Noor how can you see with closed eyes? At once Noor md opened his eyes and before him stood the darling of every one  – Sri Banke Biharilalji.
He was looking at him with a bashful smile and gave him his favorite milk bhath prasad. In the morning the people saw only the silver bowl in which He had brought the prasad. No one ever saw Noor md again but some devotees could hear the humming of the song sung by baba on the waves of river Yamuna.

Hamaaro Vrindavan ur, aur maya kaal jahan nahi vyaape. He was one with Bihariji for whom bhakti is the only qualification. Bihariji doesn’t discriminates between people of any religion. He loves all equally.