The Name can grant you the highest goal of human life

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One evening the Gaudiya Vaishnav saint Sri Radhararaman Charan Das Babaji called upon his disciples and asked them to stop the first vehicle that passed their residence the next morning. He asked them to have it wait until he returned, for he was going out in solitude for the night.
In the morning, the first vehicle that passed by the house of the disciples was a stretcher, which held the dead body of a young lady. True to their Guru’s wishes, the “vehicle” was stopped along with the funeral procession, and at that time Babaji returned.
After having them untie the body from the stretcher, Babaji asked his disciples to start kirtan. As he lightly touched the girl’s feet and pronounced the Name of the Lord, she got up, and she too began repeating the Holy Name. This continued for ten minutes, and when the song ceased the girl again fell down dead.
Shocked, the girl’s family requested the saint to revive her again. Sri Radharaman Charan Das Babaji said:
“It was the Lord’s will that she should hear the Holy Name. He has allowed her to recite it for ten minutes, to bless her soul. Now he desires that she should move on to her next destination. She will not wake up again.”
On another occasion, Babaji and his followers came to the town of Dignagar, West Bengal, where the Muslim community wished to cut off some branches from an enormous banyan tree. The tree was sacred to the Hindus who also lived in the village.
Babaji met the head of the Muslim community and gave a blessing, which sent him into a trance of bliss. Then the kirtan party proceeded to sing and circle around the tree. The tree swayed its branches as if it were dancing, and continued to do so until the moment the kirtan party departed.
The next day again the kirtan party came, and again the day after. Though there was no wind, each time the huge tree rocked and swayed as before. It became very difficult for even the most skeptical among them not to believe the tree was dancing under the divine influence of the Holy Name.
Babaji said:
“The Name of the Lord is omnipotent. Trees dance, and the dead come to life by the power of the Name. But this is a very small and insignificant thing.
“The Name can grant you the highest goal of human life – sacred love (prem) for Radha and Krishna – if you so desire.

10 August, 2017 13:06

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On this day in 2014 Brahmananda Prabhu posted this picture with explanation: "This pose or mudra of Radha Krishna is Srila Prabhupada’s favorite photo. He kept it as the main worshippable photo on the altar in his rooms at the LA temple. He said the pose was the perfect expression of Gaudiya Vaishnava philosophy of Radha Krishna rasa."

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Mela 2014 Mayapur HH Radha Govinda Swami LectureKirtan Mela 2014 Mayapur HH Radha Govinda Swami

A must hear lecture jai guru dev

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Special darshan SriSri Radha Ramanlal, Sri Vrindavan dham

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Very Very Special Darshan
Radharaman Ji is wearing a special headgear named ‘KULAH CHANDRIKA’ which he wears only on Raksha Bandhan and Deepotsav. .

Shree RadhaRaman Lal Today’s Sandhya Darshan

Sri Gaur das babaji and flower garland seva

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Once a renounced Vaishnav of the Gaudiya Sampraday named Shri Gaur Das Babaji was living in Nandgaon. He resided at Pavan Sarovar in Shri Sanatan Goswami’s bhajan kutir. It was sometime around the year 1893 AD (Bangabda 1300).

Gaur Das Babaji used to bring flowers every day from Gazipur near Prem Sarovar, and make beautiful garlands for Shri Krishna and Balram. It was through this flower seva that he attained Shri Krishna’s grace.

After making garlands every day for five or six years, Baba began to feel sad. “I have served Shri Lalju (Krishna) every day for all these years, but till now we have no relationship to speak of. I don’t even know if he is enjoying my seva or not.”
That day, Krishna and Balram did not wear Baba’s garlands. Later that afternoon, he found the same garlands abandoned in the temple premesis. Some little boys were playing catch with them and blissfully tearing them to pieces.
Seeing this, Baba began to cry. “Just see… Shri Lalju doesn’t enjoy my flowers at all. I should move to Barsana and make garlands for Radharani instead!”
The next day, Baba packed his water pot inside his ragged patchwork blanket and left for Barsana. It was just before sunset when Baba set out across the grasslands on foot. The cowherds were already bringing the cows back in from pasture.

Suddenly he saw the boys from the day before – the same ones who had been playing with his garlands. Feeling hurt, he tried to divert his path, but the boys noticed him. “Hey! Babaji! Where are you going?”
“I’m going to Barsana!” said Baba.
“Oh!” said one of the boys. “When are you coming back?”
“I’m not coming back!” said Baba.
“Don’t say that, Baba! How can you leave?” said another boy, the ringleader of them all.
“Lala, I can’t explain. Just get out of my way and let me pass.”
“No, Baba! Now you listen to me. You’re not going anywhere,” said the little boy sternly, blocking his path with his arms stretched out.
“Get out of my way!” Baba shouted, and he tried to run.
Baba was not very fast, and the boys easily stopped him. No matter which way Baba turned, the boys blocked his way.
Finally Baba got lost all his patience and screamed, “Are you kids or monkeys?! Enough of this nonsense!!”
Twilight had just set in. The boy said softly, “But Baba! If you go, who will make garlands for me?”
Baba turned to look at the boy. “Kid, who are you…?”
But the boy was already gone. All his little friends, the cows and the calves had also disappeared.
Crying with anguish, Shri Gaur Das Babaji rolled on the dust of Braj and lamented, “O Lalju! You are so kind and yet so cruel! I didn’t recognize you… I didn’t understand what you were telling me. Please don’t stop having mercy upon this poor servant of yours!” Baba returned to his hut in Nandgram and wept all night long.

That night Shri Krishna came in the Pujari’s dream and said, “Make sure Gaur Das does not abandon my flower seva.”

Sri Bade Dauji – courtesy Sri Vrindavantoday

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These days the history of Vrindavan is being forgotten and the center of attraction for visiting devotees has been limited to only one ancient ancient temple, along with a few modern temples. At such a pivotal moment in Vrindavan’s history, it is of the utmost importance to present the story of Vrindavan’s temples to the world.

From time to time we at Vrindavan Today endeavor to introduce you to some of the ancient temples of Vrindavan. Among all the temples, Thakur Shri Govind Dev Ji Maharaj is known as the King of Vrindavan. The original Govind Dev is now in Jaipur, but a pratibhu vigraha (second form) of him still resides in the new temple situated behind the ancient temple.
But before learning about Govind Dev, it is important to learn about his elder brother Bade Dauji (Baldev). Bade Dauji originally resided on the premesis of Govind Dev Ji’s temple. When the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb invaded Vrindavan, Govind Dev and many other deities were spirited away to safety in Jaipur. But Bade Dauji remained in Vrindavan. The devotees took Baldev out of Govind Dev’s temple and hid him near Vrindavan’s Govind Kunj.

Temple sevayat Shri Deepak Goswami says, “The story of Bade Dauji is similar to that of Vrinda Devi and Yogamaya. Before, he resided within Shri Govind Dev ji’s temple itself. When Aurangzeb invaded, the sevayats of Govind Dev entrusted Bade Dauji to my ancestors. For some time he was worshipped in a simple structure behind Govind Dev ji’s temple. Later, a temple was constructed for him in Anaj Mandi. In 1835 the Queen of Karauli rennovated the temple.

“There is a verse in this regard. Vrindavan katan lagau, bhaag gae sab dev, Vrindavan thaade rahe yamunaa aur baldev. ‘When grave danger fell upon Vrindavan, all the deities left. Only Shri Yamuna and Baldev Ji remained in Vrindavan.’

“It is said that Raja Jaisingh’s daughter wanted to take Baldev Ji to Jaipur, but she had to go back empty handed. The night before she was supposed to leave, she carefully placed him on a cart. But that night Bade Dauji came in her dream and said, ‘I will not leave Braj.’ In the morning, the princess bowed to Bade Dauji and left on her own for Jaipur.”
The temple of Bade Dauji is situated near the Syndicate Bank, just a short distance from the Nagar Palika.